30 Yrs Young Mom 3 Kids. 38/h Boobs. Approved for BR Surgery - Metairie, LA

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Mommy wants a new body. Can't wait for this...

Mommy wants a new body. Can't wait for this lifestyle change. It's finally happening. Yayyy!!! This has been a long time coming. I have always had very large breast since about 7th grade middle school I wore size D bra. Yea ikr!! Fast forward now after marriage and 3 beautiful kids. My breast have grown to this whopping 38/h. So have I tho. Lol. I am presently awaiting my surgery in just 2 short weeks. On December 2nd. I am not the least bit nervous at the moment. But very excited. I hope to be a small C cup post surgery. I long to see how it feels to have small breast. And also cute bras too. :). plus I won't have to deal with this awful pain in my back and neck anymore. This is something I've wanted for a very long time. I will definitely keep you guys posted on my pre and post updates. Please share any helpful advice you may have. I'm open to any questions be it that appropriate. :). Ttys

6 days Post opp breast reduction.

I am really worried!!!!!!! I had my post opp appointment today with my ps and he said that all was fine, however I have more fluid in my right breast than the left. It is significantly more swollen than the other and hard with no feeling to the touch. It's completely numb. Also, That around my areoles was black!!! I can't remember if he mentioned ( necrosis) or not but I am freaking out. He then instructed me to keep nipple and aerial clean and apply ointment to it and keep it covered. And to do so twice daily. I came home and started to research and ask questions and this is what I've been reading. All about necrosis and nipples dying off due to low blood supply. Now I know all cases are different. So hopefully you guys can help me from my pictures. Do I have any hope of it being saved. ?????

So far. All is well. My doctor seems very knowledgable and professional.

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