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I have been getting my facial hair removed for...

I have been getting my facial hair removed for close to 10 years now. All medical possibilities tested and ruled out, I just happen to be one of those 5% for whom laser hair removal doesn't work. But I get it done any how because waxing often leaves me with bruising.

I'm skin type V. When I first started, it was the YAG laser. Then, I was moved to the Lightsheer Diode. Intensity for Lightsheer was between 23-25J. During each treatment, each hair would "pop out" like an ingrown hair being popped out. 1 week later, I was able to slide out the hairs with a tweezer. I'm completely hairless for almost 2 months after that.

I recently bought a Groupon for a new medical spa and had my 1st treatment 1 week ago. They used the lowest setting, 15J, telling me they had to be careful since I was a 1st time patient. I knew it wasn't going to work. 1 week post treatment, all the hair is still there and not one would slide out with tweezers, meaning not 1 hair was affected by the laser.

On calling my technician, I was told that they would have to do try starting with the lowest intensity, and working up to a higher level with each treatment. Which means I will "waste" 6-8 treatments just trying to figure out what works for me. Is this how treatments work here in the US? What about people who have their legs done? 6 leg treatments would add to a couple of $$$$. So basically, you're dropping that much money just to get to the starting point.

Plus, I was shocked when the technician didn't ask to see my hair growth the 1st time around. Why would you treat by a pre-decided format (in my case: jawline, upper lip, chin) and not work on an individual basis, since each person's hair growth is different? Most of my hair is just below the jawline, but I had to choose the package that was the closest match. A doctor must treat the problem, not work on the general area.

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