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I started the laser fat reduction treatment Jan...

I started the laser fat reduction treatment Jan 2013. I only wanted to concentrate on my hips/thighs so I purchased 3 packages (come in sets of 3) therefore I had a total of 9 laser sessions. I have 1 more session to go and as of this day I have not had any inches on my targeted areas nor have I noticed any improvement in my cellulite I drank 8-10 glasses of water daily & cardio (treadmill) as they recommended. Although the therapist said that since the thighs have denser muscle tissue it would take longer to treat that area. Measurements were taken in 3 areas on each leg, on 1st day of laser tx & on 4th treatment... Ok! I said maybe I'm not being patient enough, so after the sixth treatment I still hadn't noticed any changes except I had lost 3 lbs. I give getting on the treadmill credit for that, it had nothing to with the laser treatments. So I've threw away $100's of dollars on this worthless mess & my cellulite is still very pronounced! I know every experience is different, but I will NOT recommend this to the way I used a groupon, that's the only reason I decided to give this a try. I spent approx. $60 a treatment. Although I was skeptical, should have followed my first instinct. This was a waste of money & time!

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