Worth It if You Use a Specialist. Procedure is Only As Good As the Person Who Does It. - Memphis, TN

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The most important things you need to know about...

The most important things you need to know about implants are: 1. to not smoke or use nicotine in any form, quit before you start the process. 2. Realize going in that it is a procedure with lots of healing time before you get to the final outcome, be patient. 3. Most Important, if you are in or aroun d Memphis go to Dr. Collier! he is the BEST in the area. If not, find a real Implant Specialist. DON'T got to a college or even your regular dentist. Special work takes a special dentist. After the long road I have traveled I can truly say it was well worth it. It is expensive but not when you consider what it means if done right and how much work I needed. I had 5 implants and a bar secured removable lower denture and a conventional upper denture made. I still get a little teary when I can Truly Smile - but I am happily getting used to it!
Germantown Dentist

My experience began as a waking nightmare. NINE- 9 - hours in a dental chair with no gas, no sedation, just being a "trooper". Thats how my experience began with the Southern Dental College. It was cheap but that was the only positive thing. After the implants were finally placed they began to fail and fail and hurt so bad I was afraid I was becoming addicted to Lortab. No bone grafts and bad placements. Temporary denture was hideous looking ad ill fitting. Going back again and again, being treated as if I did something wrong. I was in pain and despair. I knew i had to find a real Implant Surgeon that might give me hope that the mistakes that were made could be corrected. I found him in Dr. Jason Collier at the Southern Dental Implant Center in Memphis. He saved my life! When I first went to his office and explained my situation to his staff, they told me that Dr. Collier would take really good care of me, which was an understatement. He was so patient listening to my lament and so reassuring that he would do evertyhing in his power to give me the outcome I had hoped and prayed for. He is never too busy to listen and advise. He truly takes his patients' well being to heart and a is consummate professional not to mention just a really kind and sincere person. He helped me to quit smoking as that is one of the main reasons that implants fail. No one ever told me that before Dr. Collier. He also did several bone grafts to ensure that the implants did not fail. Now after almost two years of excellent work my smile is beautiful, I have no discomfort in talking or eating and I am emotionally overwhelmed by the results. If you are in Memphis or the surrounding area do not trust anyone except Dr. Collier for implants.

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