36, A cup, 140lbs, 5'5", 300CC mod+, hoping for C cup natural look, Memphis, TN

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Just started interviewing doctors, although from...

Just started interviewing doctors, although from all of the online reviews I have read, I am pretty sure who I will ultimately choose. I have always wanted a BA, as I am a size 34A, and they are asymmetrical as well. I have always been scared of the pain and have just recently decided that I am tough enough and I have waited long enough. I am also worried about losing sensitivity, does anyone have any insight on this concern? The recovery scares me a little bit. And as most have expressed here, I am concerned about not being able to exercise and possibly gaining weight, as I am really active and work out most days. But hopefully the results will be worth it and I can get back into shape quickly after I recover. Most of all, I am just really excited now that I have finally decided I am going to do this.

Before pics in padded sports bra

Deciding between 275 mod & 325 high

I have interviewed 3 doctors and my advice is to do your reasearch and then do some more!!!!! The field evidently varies wildly. At the first appointment, I immediately felt uncomfortable in the waiting room. The physician was nice and seemed knowledgeable enough, but when asked for before/ after photos of their work, he said they were updating the website and none were available. Later I would find that more reputable doctors have portfolios of their work with patients' consent. When given his card, I noticed it said DO, not MD, what the heck is DO? I had to look it up, lol. Nope, he won't be the one. Needless to say he was the least expensive, but I am not price shopping.
The second was an aesthetic center, very nice staff and waiting room, was seen quickly. Dr had great bedside manner and had LOTS of experience. I was given sizers to try on and left alone. When asked for pictures, they readily provided them. I was given an explanation of everything and given a reasonable quote and left feeling pretty good.
The third however blew me away! She was so attentive, explained everything right away, immediately advised on incision point and why, which was opposite of the others, and when asked how to fix my assymetry, she rightly said she can't make them perfect and with my raised rib cage on the smaller side, the same size on both will be closer in size but that adding extra cc's on the smaller would make them more disproportionate. Wow, totally opposite of what the other 2 said when I asked if we should add a bigger implant to make them more symmetrical, they just agreed with me. She also does 3d imaging- a huge difference seeing what the end result could look like. It also allows for exact measurements. She explained the technicalities of the 2 sizes she suggested and what I might expect with each. So know I have 4 weeks to decide between 325 high profile and 275 moderate. Supposedly the moderates are more natural looking but you can't go as big. And I have the 3d pictures to look at to help decide.
I am very excited and of course nervous. I am ready to get through with recovery and get the enjoying them part.
If anyone has advice on the 2 size options, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm leaning towards 275 mod right now after looking at other before/ after pics. I just don't want to be too big, my main goal is to look natural.

Only 1 week away now!

I'm getting nervous but mostly excited. Decided on 300cc mod+ under muscle. Looking at pics on here though shows how different that size is on different body types, some it looks small, others they look huge. I hope mine falls somewhere in the middle. I hope they are as natural looking as possible.
Got my prescriptions filled already. Planning to make cabbage soup and Jello for days following post op. Going in on Friday, hope to be back to work Tuesday. I know that first week is the hardest and I just want to get it over with quickly. I keep making mental notes of all the little things I will have to avoid for a while afterwards, like lifting groceries, cat litter, vacuuming, etc. Will hugging be an issue? Trying to hire someone to clean my house in the first couple of weeks since I have stairs and can't lift the vacuum.
Also wondering if I'll feel like making a road trip to Nashville a week after the surgery. We have a family reunion every couple of years there and it's a week after my surgery. I will have to drive myself, it's about 3.5 hours. Usually it's no problem at all. Does anyone have any advice on this? How well did you feel after a week post op?

Morning of surgery

It's the morning of surgery! I actually slept pretty well surprisingly. But I'm dying for coffee and a bite to eat! Hoping all goes well...

Post Op Day 2

Was too out of it to post after surgery. Everything went well except I was so freakin THIRSTY! Got home hungry and nauseous at the same time, not fun. But after a couple of hours, I was able to eat soup. So glad I made cabbage soup ahead of time! It's supposed to help flush out all the surgery meds and the broth is soothing. So no bandages or sports bra, the girls are out free. They already look good to me. The pain is tolerable, but the pressure is much worse. Slept fine last night even on an incline. Highly recommend the therapedic foam triangle reading pillow, very comfy.
So I wanted natural, not too big and not too high. Already looks like that's what I got- yay! They still won't be identical, but that makes them look more natural hopefully.
I'm planning to go back to work Tuesday, as long as I feel like driving, which will be 5 days post. I might have to leave work early, which is fine.

Post Op day 4

So I am starting to bruise some around the incision, but it's really minimal and completely normal. I think the bromelein & quercitin and arnica tabs my dr recommended are really worth it. I started them both a couple of days before the surgery as a natural anti inflammatory. Also highly recommend colace stool softener to ease the inevitable back up from the surgery meds. I started taking it the night before surgery and have continued to stay regular by taking it nightly.
I really have a much freer range of motion now and deep breathing is much easier. Still catch myself when pulling off socks, opening drawers, door knobs, and packages. Being careful not to lift anything. Didn't realize how much you use your pecs to wash your hands but that's easier now too.
Actually took a 30 minute walk this morning and felt fine. But don't want to overdo it too early. I see my dr in two days when I'll try on the sports bras I got before surgery. Right now they are out free. I'll wear a cami with shelf bra tomorrow if I go to work. But there's no hiding the nips, so we'll see. I drive a stick shift so not sure how my body will react to that. It's a smooth shift but still an effort to put it in gear.
Overall so far I am very pleased with my decision and the size. I have read a lot about booby blues but haven't gotten there yet and hopefully won't, but it's still very early.

Post Op day 4

6 day post op

Boobie blues start...1 week post

So the boobie boobs are starting, all because they look like Frankenstein boobs. I know it takes time but they are so ugly, my husband won't even look at them yet. One is super sensitive, the other is almost completely numb. One is bigger, maybe from additional swelling but I really hope they even out more because the right seems ginormous in comparison. I can even tell with clothes on. My dr says all of this is normal and they are healing really well, that the feeling will come back and they will even out. But it gets a little depressing not knowing what the final outcome will be or when they will start to look normal. Not to mention I am incredibly bloated, I feel like there's a bowling ball in my belly, but I know it's from the meds and not being able to work out as much.
Ok enough ranting. Hopefully I will turn this around. It's done, no going back now, not that I would want to anyway. Just have to remember it takes time. Hopefully they will end up looking fabulous!

10 days post - Happy Labor Day!

So a lot of progress in just a few days. Following a high protein, high fiber diet will help promote healing and keep your energy levels up because the fatigue factor is very real.

10 days

Almost 3 weeks...

Almost 3 weeks post op, saw the doc today for 2nd follow up, and don't go back for 2 months. She removed the glue from the incisions. Wow, they look so much better!! Now have to manage the scars with scar cream and massage. Also given breast massage instructions to be done 3 times a day for a month. I was surprised to learn I can start jogging in a few days if I want but still have to wait on yoga.
So what I'm struggling with now is extremely irritated nipples. Because they are always hard right now, they have gotten rubbed and are sore. The right is really bad because it's super sensitive right now. Putting on neosporine and a small round band aid to cover them and that's helping. But I should have started much earlier and maybe they wouldn't have gotten so bad.
I have way more feeling in the right but am getting little waves of feeling from time to time in the left, so hopefully it will return. Doc said it could take 6 months to year to come back fully.
The right is also settling faster and looks much bigger. Gotta start working more with the left, hopefully it'll work down and they will look more similar.
For only being this far along in the recovery process, I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I expect them to change a lot more over the next few weeks, months... And then hopefully I'll be thrilled, only time will tell.

Almost 3 weeks

3 weeks!!

3 weeks!!

5 weeks, 34dd, woohoo!!

5 weeks and they have softened up so much! Doing massages 3 times a day, scar cream twice a day and bio oil for the stretch marks. I'm able to jog and cycle, no yoga yet. Hubby is finally not afraid of them any more and like that they move more now.
Got measured at vs as 34dd but I'm sure that will go down some, so just got some brallettes and a demi tshirt bra. I'm tired of the camis and sports bras. Still can't wear underwire, but it was fun to see how they look in one.
Still feeling a bit of pressure, especially in the morning. No real pain just sorenes.

2 months now

At 2 months now and they are definitely dropping and feeling softer, but still have a ways to go. Went to dillards and got 34c bras. I knew VS ran way small. (I was a 34dd there, ha!) I can finally wear underwire which is good because I feel they sit a little low. Wondering if I should have gone for high profile, but I wanted to stay as true to natural as I could, haha. Scars are hardening and I don't like that, hopefully the biocornium will work. Still getting soreness on the sides occasionally. Doing the massages 2-3 times a day and biocornium and bio oil twice a day.
Overall, I'm happy at this point, but am hoping for more changes over the next month +.
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