Pre Jaw Surgery - Melbourne, AU

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Hi, welcome to my blog! As an introduction I am a...

Hi, welcome to my blog!

As an introduction I am a 26yo female, nursing in Rural NSW, Australia.
I have always had extensive dental work. While some people get away with only needing fillings, I've had those, expanding plates, as well as braces twice before this, had attempted "head gear" while sleeping to move my top jaw forward, three root canals and a crown. I didn't have braces until I was in year 12 and at university, while my parents covered the costs, lucky me!
But now I am still not satisfied with the final result of years of orthodontic treatment.
I have begun the process of having my jaw corrected. Finally. The surgery isn't booked yet but I am expecting to have both top and bottom jaws broken, top jaw moved forward and bottom back. I have a class 3 cross bite.
I am hopeful that having this survey won't just improve my overall image but my sleeping habits.I am known to breath heavily in my sleep, through my mouth, as well as making popping sounds.
My braces have been on for 5 weeks, and while my surgeon predicts that while my teeth are reasonably straight i should be expected to have surgery 6 months after braces have been on and then six more months of braces post surgery.
In Australia, jaw surgery is considered reconstructive and not cosmetic so I will be able to claim some money back on insurance. Surgery alone will be $6800 and braces $6800. Not including private hospital admission and anaesthetic bill.

I look forward to hearing others regarding their jaw surgery journey.


So I don't have a surgical date yet but looking back on my first initial photos 8 years ago I am happy to be seeing the light at the end of this long journey! Glad to be having the surgery close to family and friends. Not entirely sure how long I will need off work, guessing 8 weeks? Being a nurse communication is highly important.

These initial photos were before I had expanding plates and braces through the No Brace Centre in Melbourne. The team there were great but even back then the said I would be a candidate for jaw surgery.

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