29 Years Old. Finished Invisalign and Ready for a Gingavectamy - Melbourne, AU

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I am getting the top few teeth gum contoured using...

I am getting the top few teeth gum contoured using the traditional method of scalpel. There is a laser option as well but my dentist said the results don't last as long. I am going in today. Very excited. Dentist said he will numb gums then cut one by one and i will not feel anything. Takes few days to hea initially ( redness etc) l but 2-3 weeks to fully heal and reveal new gumline shape. I have a minor gummy smile so I don't know how many people will I'll notice this change other then me. After this procedure I need to get the two teeth between each front tooth and eye tooth bonded to they havevsame shape and length. I should then be pretty content with my smile.

Before and immediately after

Very happy with results.
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