Had a Lift and Silicone Implant -Melbourne, FL

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Now not sure if the implant is infected or if I...

Now not sure if the implant is infected or if I just have a staph infection. Just came out of the hospital for 4 days...on IV antibiotics. They sent me home on pill form zyvox 600mg. Had a skin reaction and very very bad headaches. Now have given me the choice of Docxcline 100mg or Augmention 875/125. Which one should I be taking, My breast are red and hot. No fever. White blood count is normal. All testing came back good except that I have the staph infection. Does this normally clear up or it own? And how long? Or will I need to remove them? IF so how soon? How long should I give the antibiotics? Thank you!

1 year later

It's been 1 year now and everything looks a lot
Better. Still really don't like my boobs but I'm Way to scared to go through anything like this again! I do need to look into the areola tattooing!
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