Not As Bad As They Say! - Melbourne, Australia

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Had this done about an hour ago finished treatment...

Had this done about an hour ago finished treatment. No pains at all during the whitening, teeth just felt abit funny at the time and lips warm. Make sure you chose a good dentist that covers your gums properly. Otherwise since then I have had a few zingers, which are not fun. But very bearable. Just feels like that shooting pain when you eat something too cold or hot. A little painful but bearable. I notice it most in a chipped bottom tooth. The result is whiter, about 4 shades, but I wasn’t too discoloured to start. I don’t think anyone will notice, but I will. I hope not to see yellow teeth on the sides on my smile when I smile in photos. That is what drove me to have it done. All in all, I would recommend. Especially more if you are having a wedding or something and want to be a little whiter.

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