Perfect Nose... but Some Minor Complications

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I had rhinoplasty about 8 years ago. I had a...

I had rhinoplasty about 8 years ago. I had a prominant snub nose (like Sarah Michelle Gellar) which, along with my "baby" face, gave me a non-serious look which I considered ugly (it wasn't really). Anyway, my dream nose was longish and aristocratic, but I was counselled against hoping for and requesting this result; it may not have been achievable anyway.

I came out of surgery with a button nose which I felt, belatedly, erased my personality somewhat. I secretly smoked until a week before the operation and had an infection immediately afterward which caused severe bleeding. I was hospitalised briefly, and a pack was inserted. *Please don't smoke before surgery!*

Doctor and staff were absolutely lovely and supportive, and continue to be, years afterward. My nose is perfect. Sadly, my surgeon has retired and is having (I hope) some R & R. I would recommend him to anyone else in a heartbeat.

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Although he appears to have retired, I would certainly recommend Dr Sormann to anyone else. I can spot a fake nose a mile off - and mine has never been spotted, I feel safe in saying! The staff (nurses & administrative) at the clinic were totally caring and considerate.

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