Bad Botox (12 Mths On) - Melbourne, Australia

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I had botox 12mths ago and I'm still suffering...

I had botox 12mths ago and I'm still suffering the bad side effects. No one tells you when you get it done, that when Botox start wearing off, it leaves your skin looking crepey, saggy & more wrinkly than what you started with. I had 15 units injected into my forehead, 10 injected b/w my eyebrows and the remaining 5 above my right & left eyebrows (to stop wrinkles from forming above my naturally high arched eyebrows). After 4-5 days of getting Botox I started to experience the following horrible symptoms of a bad Botox job:

-Pins & needles sensation in my forehead
-Frequently going to the toilet
-Uncomfort feeling in my bladder. For approx. 5 months I felt like I had a urine infection.When I went to the doctors to get checked out, the doctor reported there was nothing wrong.
-Lumps formed over my right eyebrow in the shape of a 'V'
-One lump the size of a 50 cent coin formed over my left brow and the skin looked crepey
-Left eyelid started twitching 3 mths ago and and the only time it subsides is when I do facial exercises like lifting my eyebrows.
-My high arched eyebrows turned into straight eyebrows
-The skin above my eyelids became puffy and drooped over my eyelids.

After 12 mths I'm still suffering many of the above mentioned side effects & what bothers me the most is that my skin looks worse of than it did 12mths ago & looks so wrinkly it appears it has aged 10 yrs. Ive been reading about CACI treatments, heat packs & facial exercising that may help the condition of my skin. Can anyone please tell me if they actual work and whether my skin will go back to it's normal state before Botox?

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No rating for the nurse that provided the Botox. She had a bad attitude and administered Botox badly. Even thou she has 17 yrs experience it doesnt make her a very reputable professional. She needs admit & learn from her mistakes from people like myself.

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