Hated my Nose for So Long. Big and Ugly - Melbourne, AU

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I have been self conscious of my nose most of my...

I have been self conscious of my nose most of my life. Like to the point where I consider how much I look a certain way When I am around ppl. I hated my profile. i was tired of having this massive entity that sat awkwardly on my face. I had never really thought of rhinoplasty as a possibility until last year. I admit I didn't really shop around. I chose my ENT surgeon based on his impressive credentials.
However, I was nervous at my consultations. I made it known I wanted it cute, small and work done on the tip . He told me he was conservative and that did worry me.
He assured me shaving the hump and refining the tip, that the nose would look much smaller. I felt he could be right, but I still pleaded for him to shave as much as needed for a cutesy small nose.
I had the surgery weeks ago. When the cast came off and I first caught a glimpse I wanted to cry. It looked I had been given a toe transplant where my nose should be, but mostly still huge, just a slightly different shape huge. My profile was what had gotten me down all these years.
It's been 3 weeks or so, and it appears there isn't much swelling. I feel like this is it.
I am upset.
I have a huge nose and that ain't going down. I could almost cry when I look at some of the amazing transformations here.
I do not want to name my surgeon. The type of person I am, I will struggle telling him I don't like it. No surgeon wants to hear that. I should be more assertive but it doesn't come easy. Anyway I will post a couple of my ugly old and new nose.
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