Masseter/Jaw Botox by Dr Sarah Boxley - saggy skin, droopy cheeks, lopsided face

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I had my first botox treatment in both masseters...

I had my first botox treatment in both masseters for moderate bruxism in March, followed by a top up two weeks later. I felt relief from teeth grinding as soon as the botox took effect. I didn't really notice at the time, but my massters also reduced in size (looking back on photos). At the end of April, the Dr agreed I needed a 2nd treatment, which was followed by a top up 2 weeks later. My bruxism stopped and I felt great, I also noticed slimming of the jawline although I wasn't too focused on that benefit, and didn't take too much notice of it. I wish I had now! In July, I felt the masseters moving again and asked my Dr if I needed another round - she said that I did and injected another dose of botox in each side.

Within a few weeks, I noticed sagging of my cheeks around the sides of my mouth...I've always had excellent facial tone (from my strong monster jawline!) and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I then looked at the area where my masseters are and they are completely emaciated!! I have been left with long vertical wrinkles next to my ears where my once bulky masseters were, and my face looks ten years older. My Dr never should have recommended the third dose of botox, my poor masseters were not ready.

I'm extremely worried my muscles will be atrophied forever and I'll be left with these disgusting saggy cheeks :( I'm only 32 yrs old and not ready for jowls and a saggy face :(

Has anyone else experienced this? Did your masseters return, and did the saggy look/jowls go away as the muscle bulk returned?

Would chewing gum now while the botox is still working help wear off the botox?

I wish I'd never done this, I'd rather grind my teeth now & then than look like this!!! My bruxism wasn't even that bad so I really regret this decision. Plus it cost me $2000 all up :(

Please think twice and do your research before considering botox - I was never warned of this side effect, but obviously if you diminish a muscle in your face, the skin that it was plumping up has to go somewhere :(

Treatment was in Fremantle, Perth (not Melbourne)

Sorry, for some reason Melboyrne came up as my place of treatment - this treatment was done in Fremantle in Perth

Dr refunded last botox treatment

The Dr refunded $660 for the last botox treatment. I would pay a million times that just to have my old face back.

Dr has told me to see another cosmetic doctor to issues my concerns

Sarah Boxley has told me to go to another doctor with my concerns. She refuses to see me or discuss this with me any further. She's basically washed her hands of me. Here are some photos to show what her treatments have done to my face.

6 months later...slight improvement

Jut thought I'd provide an update. I've been chewing a LOT of gum over the past month, and I have definitely seen an improvement in the size of my jaw muscles. Progress is very slow but they re slowly regaining size. My temples have completely filled out again, the temporalis muscle is actually beginning to look a bit too large for my liking due to all the gum chewing but I'm happy to deal with this while I build up my jaw muscles. My face is filling out as a result (or maybe this is partly attributable to my pregnancy). Hopefully all this gum chewing won't cause other problems like TMD. The jowls have slightly improved, but are definitely still there. There has been NO improvement in cheek sagginess - my cheeks remain flat and floppy. They used to be toned and full and sat up, and I had absolutely no nasolabial wrinkles - that is the most devastating part of this. The nasolabial wrinkles have not improved either, I can't stand them :( I'm really hoping that as my masseter muscle grows, my cheeks will sit back up to where they used to be and I'll completely lose the jowls. I still experience facial/jaw discomfort and an uncomfortable feeling around my mouth due to the saggy cheeks. I'll update if/when I see further improvement. If anyone out there is thinking about getting this done, please make sure you go to a reputable doctor or plastic surgeon who knows what they're doing and understands facial anatomy - unlike my doctor!

10 months post procedure - update

Here are some photos I took today. My face still isn't back to normal - there is still sagging near my mouth and my cheeks are still slightly saggy, I still feel unhappy about this whole saga but I can now look in the mirror without bursting into tears. I do feel that things have improved and I'm praying that things continue to improve. My jaw has definitely filled out, it's not as it was pre-procedure but it does appear to be much better. I don't feel as ugly and aged as I did previously, however my confidence and happiness has been completely shattered by this whole experience so it will take a while to rebuild, even though I can see a big improvement. In general I'm feeling a bit better about my face, and I'm so busy with my beautiful newborn that I no longer have time to focus on it.

Before photos

These photos are from before I had any botox injected into my Masseter muscles.

Before photo taken by Sarah Boxley before the first botox jaw treatment.

Dr Sarah Boxley

I believe that Dr Boxley doesn't have a good understanding of this treatment at all, or the effect it has on facial structure. My impression is that greed is her main motivator and takes priority over the welfare of her patients (that was certainly the case for me). She was more interested in pumping botox into my jaw, either for monetary gain or due to incompetence, than considering whether I actually needed the second & third treatments and discussing the potential side effects with me. I told her before the second & third treatments that I wasn't clenching/grinding, but could just feel the muscles moving again. I definitely didn't need full doses at either of these appts however Sarah said that I did and I trusted her, as she is meant to be the expert in masseter botox. She injected into my temples without even warning me and now my temples are wasted. I was never warned my face could change this dramatically, Sarah only ever said that my jaw muscles may become "slightly slimmer" and I may have slight trouble chewing steak. After her treatments I am left with saggy & flat cheeks, nasolabial wrinkles, jowls, non-stop jaw pain and facial discomfort, and terrible skin laxity. I also had an uneven smile after the third treatment which lasted about three months (Sarah said it would last a few weeks). As a result of Sarah's treatments, I have gone into deep depression and spent months not wanting to leave the house. My relationships, work, happiness and self confidence have been significantly effected. I've never been depressed or an unhappy person but I was in tears everyday for months and was more stressed than I'd ever been. I used to be very happy and content with my appearance, now I feel ashamed and embarrassed. I dread how my face will look in the future. Dr Boxley doesn't seem to care about the effect her treatments have had on me, there has been no follow up on her behalf and although she provided answers to some of my questions via email she has shown absolutely no concern or interest whatsoever and has never acknowledged her error. Apparently she is an expert in treating the signs of ageing - I don't think so! She has aged me by 20 yrs.

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