Moon Face Be Gone! Melbourne, AU

So next week I am getting liposuction on my chin....

So next week I am getting liposuction on my chin. $3,350AUD
I am very excited, nervous and scared!
I have never done anything like this, never been to hospital or done anything surgical so this is big for me.

I look a lot like my dad unfortunately, I have a round moon face, I am a chubby girl but I do hold a lot of fat in my face and chin and always have, even as a teenager when I was a lot slimmer.

I was really surprised with all the recommended extra supplements etc that are on a list from my surgeon to be honest, there is $470AUD worth of extras that are optional but I dont know which ones I'm going to need the most?! Eeek. ANY suggestions would help a lot!

I'm nervous to put photos up but here they are.. my befores. yuck.

Thanks for reading!


One day post op

So I went in yesterday, I was really nervous!
I was given two needles in the butt, and 4 under my chin which were the most painful parts. Then I was left for aaaaages while I went numb... I was so nervous and didn't know how long I had to wait laying on the bed thing it was making me more nervous, the pill the nurse gave me earlier for nerves finally kicked in.

The surgeon poked 2 holes either side of my face under my jaw and in not sure what was happening but it FELT like I had 4 metal rods (cannulas) poked through the holes under my chin and my skin felt so hard and tight.
Once he started poking the cannula in and out one hole at a time it felt like all inside my chin and my jaw was rubbery, sometimes it felt sharp like it was going to stab through the other side of my face but it wasn't really painful at all.
The actual liposuction took 5-10 minutes .
I'm wrapped up but I can have a shower tonight which I'm excited for to see what I look like and also to wash all the blood and guts out my hair haha.
I'm not in a lot of pain, just feel bruised and struggling to sleep only on my back.

Thanks for reading

More photos

Day 3

Trying to hide bruising with makeup but it won't work :( lol


So I still have bruising and swelling although no one can notice it and no one has mentioned anything or noticed apart from the people that know.
I can tell that my face is smaller and my double chin is a lot smaller and less obvious in photos but it's still there. I'm hoping by 3 months it's completely gone.
I think it was worth it and would do it again if I had to because the pain and recovery weren't too bad. Pics will come soon.... :)

One month later

As you can see, still got swelling and it's uneven. Hopefully it evens out by the end of the 3 months.... :/

3 month check up

I went in for my 3 month check up and my surgeon noticed that I'm uneven and said that on the 1st of August he will look again and decide if he will do the procedure again... Yay :(

I'm not happy with the results so far considering the costs so I'd like it to be fixed.

Back again

Back again today to re-do my procedure as I wasn't happy with the results. I still have a roll of fat left under my chin which will hopefully be all sucked out this time...

3 days after

Sorry I've been slack, so these pics were on Monday after my second chin lipo. This time it was more painful. I can see a big difference in the fact that I don't have a noticeable roll around my face that was left from the first time but I'm still swollen and bruised and hope it goes down a bit more for me to be completely happy.
Melbourne Dermatologist

I didn't have a good experience. I had to have my procedure done twice. Dr Lanzer seems to always be overly busy or on holiday so he is always running late. Twice I drove an hour and a half for a booked appointment and both times the staff hadn't contacted me to let me know dr Lanzer wasn't in. Dr Lanzers PA, Brad was horrible to me and spoke down to me like I was a naughty child. After my procedure was done the second time, the nurses let me drive home and never booked any follow up appointments or ever contacted me again. Terrible experience...I'm still not happy with my results.

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