42, 2 Boys, Want to Get Implants....again! - Melbourne, AU

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When I was 23 (1996) I got 300 cc saline.( I had...

When I was 23 (1996) I got 300 cc saline.( I had drain tubes for 1 night.) Developed Capsular contracture on left. Surgeon peformed capsulectomy and opened up pocket. He never told me he was going to do that. The crease ended up being so much lower than my right. It was horrible. He then lifted it back up with a stitch..it was painful. So he removed it..then he haf audacity to say I had Body Dismophet Disorder. So disgusting. I had another surgeon fix it..he lifted it back up but unfortunately too high..years later cap contracture set in..wasnt too bad..but i think the implant was too high anyway..Ihad them removed in 2007. It took me many years to like my breasts again.However, recently ive just felt theyve lost volume ( prob due to my age and lots of cardio at gym) I am so happy with my body..but my boobs :-(.
No volume. I like the shape now..grew to love them. They sag..but I view that 'sagging' as feminine and womanly. 'Natural slopping boobs'..I just want volume now in my lower pole. Im scared of capsular contracture though. My husband says im asking for trouble. Im going to see a surgeon in a couple of weeks. Dr Rubinstein. Apparently he is known to give a more natural aug. Ive also observed that the augmentation pics ive seen on here..that the ladies who have had Shaped Cohesive gel, textured implants have nice results. More natural..to me anyway. Thats my story. Im sorry I have no pics. If I decide to go thru with it..I will share it all with you..as this site has helped me so much already.
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