*Post Op* 21, 5'3 | Mentor 500cc HP round smooth under the muscle, Melbourne, AU

So where do I even start... I've wanted this...

So where do I even start... I've wanted this procedure for a couple of years! It all really started January 2016 when I joined RealSelf... (although I was contemplating it through high school and was set on getting them when I was 18, but that's not real life and these things cost money haha)

This past year has been a hard/frustrating journey, I would go back and forth between it because I was petrified of surgery and complications! (I mean who isn't) I made so many consultation and cancelled them all (literally kicking myself thinking about it haha) I think I drove my boyfriend insane, one day I would say I'm going to get my boobies done and three days later I would say I'm not getting them done! Although he loves my body and boobs now, what man isn't going to like a little upgrade! haha

I finally had my breast augmentation consultation February 2nd 2017. Doctor Richard Bloom made me feel so comfortable! He is very informative and thorough in making sure he gives you the pros and cons of everything. Unfortunately they were in the process of moving offices and I wasn't able to see the actual implants (he uses Mentor) or have the Vectra Imagining done to see what my "possible" outcome maybe be. My next pre op appointment is early next month, I get to feel/see all that good stuff! I'm still incredibly nervous, but I'm so freaking happy and excited at the same time! My surgery is scheduled for April, I've put a deposit towards the date!

My stats -
Age: 21
Current Cup Size: A Cup
Heigh: 5'3ish (might be even smaller haha)
Weight: between 55-59kg
(I've always been very petite but have put on a few kg's and become a bit more curvy, not mad about having a bum now haha. I would like to lose some weight on my problem areas aka thighs/tummy/arms)

I'm really wanting to be at 50kg's during surgery, it's hard when you work in an office haha! Need to get off my butt and start working out!

My Doctor did discuss a few different implants with me but honestly it was a lot to take in at the first consultation! He mentioned High Profile 450cc implants.
Another type of anatomical one and I'm sure he discussed the Moderate Plus Profile which i'm loving most at the moment.

He measured me and said my breast diameter is 13 cm's (I think) I'm really hoping I can fit the 400cc Moderate Plus Profile in as i'm very unsure about High Profile implants, I feel like they will look too fake (no hate).

I want them to be "semi" natural, obviously I'm paying a good amount of money so I do want to show them! But I don't wanna have crazy porn start balloons on my body either!

Honestly this site has been so amazing and helpful! I'm so glad I came across it in my search for my future boobies!

Will post pictures of my teeny weeny boobies and my wish boobies

p.s Thanks for reading my long boring "review".

Any feedback/help welcome, I'm from Australia and it's hard to find a lot of reviews from down under on here! haha


Freaking Out!

Oh gosh... I have been freaking out about surgery so badly lately (holding it all in) I can't believe how fast it has come... 3rd April is my day for new boobies! So many things have been running through my mind! My first pre op appointment is tomorrow and I get to finally decide with my surgeon what size I will be going! I still feel as if I am not organised for this I may need after surgery! I haven't bought one thing :/

Size choosen!

Today was my pre op appointment with Mr Bloom, we picked my implant size which will be 500cc high profile round smooth under the muscle. Unfortunately there vector imagining system was not working today, but it honestly doesn't/didn't bother me at all! I really trust him and what the outcome will be! Now just patiently waiting till my surgery in April, at least work will keep me busy... haha

Wish Pictures!

What I am hoping my boobies look like after my breast augmentation after they've healed... Obviously everyone's body is different and I know my outcome won't fully match what hers look like :)


I know it's post number two of today. But I am really nervous and scared for surgery, and I sit here on realself and do crazy research! I'm so worried about everything! I've never had surgery before! :(

The night before surgery!

Well tomorrow is the day. D day. Boob day. I've had so many mixed emotions over the past 48 hours like every other person probably going through this procedure! UGH. I can't wait i'm excited but i'm super nervous! I spent my day cleaning my room and bathroom and having everything super easily ready for me. My boyfriend has been so supportive through this whole process and experience. He's my rock right now. Trying to keep everything together, especially myself haha.

I have boobs!

Omg! I have boobs! haha. Today was a crazy experience and I would do it all over again... I arrived way before my admission time due to living an hour away and worrying to much (admission time was 11am and surgery was set for 12pm I think), I had to wait 5-10 minutes until the lady asked me to sign off on some paper work. Gosh was I nervous, I couldn't stop shaking and I'm glad my boyfriend was there holding me and telling me everything was going to be perfect. About 15 minutes later I could called in by a nurse with my boyfriend, she made me take my clothes off and put them in a paper bag (I got to keep my underwear on, which I was super happy about because I bought super comfy butt coverage ones from bras n thing HAHA) then I had to put on all the gown and stockings and what now... The nurse then called me into a little room with a bed and all this hospital stuff in it, my boyfriend was waiting for me and I was so happy he could be there for the most part! She measure my blood pressure and all that (It was really high due to nerves). She made me lie down in the bed and put this amazing sheet/material thingy on me that blows hot air into it to keep you warm! I waited a little while for Mr Bloom due to him doing a three hour surgery before me, he drew on me and said he and his staff won't be too long they're just having a break! Which I was completely fine with, I would rather himself and his staff be rested and ready for me! After a little while the anaesthesiologist came in, he asked me some questions and made me laugh which made me super comfortable (I've had surgery when I was a baby but can't remember any of it) I told him my mum gets super sick (AKA vomits) after surgery and he said he would put some stuff into my drip to make sure that doesn't happen! I eventually got rolled into the operating room (said my see you soon to my boyfriend who patiently waited at the hospital the whole time, even bought me a teddy) That's when I was so nervous but didn't show my nerves, I just wanted to start crying! They moved me onto the operating table. The anaesthesiologist got me to do some stuff with my hand so he could put the IV thing in, once it was in and he put the stuff in well what a surreal feeling that was... I got literally feeling it going into my vein slowly up my rest through my arm, then I started to feel drowsy! While that was all happening I had another nurse putting all these things on me to check my heart (I think) during surgery and another nurse putting a pillow under my knees (I think this is why I felt no pain during the IV being put in because I was so distracted by everything else going on) All the staff were incredibly gentle with me! I remember one of the nurses putting the mask on my face and telling me I was in a safe place, I felt like it was taking me forever to fall asleep and then next minute I woke up in the recovery ward, I honestly can't remember what time it was maybe around 2pm... I remember looking at the clock and shutting my eyes and opening then again I was crazy drowsy and out of it! When this amazing nurse noticed I was starting to wake up she eventually put more stuff in my IV for pain I think. She was the kindest loveliest nurse I've ever dealt with, I think I kept thanking everyone who worked there and dealt with me, she brought me some water because I was so thirsty and some sprite after I was feeling better. She eventually dressed me and moved me to a chair that could recline. I kept asking for my boyfriend, he showed up a few moments later (with that teddy haha) The nurse offered me some crackers which I eventually ate. I started to feel sick and I think it was because I drank the sprite very fast. The nurse wanted to let the anaesthesiologist know, he eventually came up to check one me (I'm yet to be sick yet it's currently 6:55pm while i'm writing this post) Doctor bloom eventually came to check on me and had a quick look at my implants pulling on the tubigrip bandage that they gave me in... I honestly didn't think I had implants when I woke up. I had to ask if they were in my body and if they fit the 500 cc's haha. I eventually got wheeled to my car and was not looking forward to the drive home (Melbourne has the bumpiest roads I swear! We also drove home in peak hour traffic ugh haha. But we made it home) on the way home my boyfriend had to stop at our local chemist to pick up all my medications which felt like forever as I was waiting in the car, I kept dozing off. As soon as I got home I ate some tiny teddy biscuits (I don't know how good it was to eat them haha) and I also had some powerade. I'm now currently lying in bed watching Full House on Netflix trying to block out the pain! I'm so thankful for my amazing surgeon, his staff and the nurses at the hospital! My pain level isn't to bad at the moment, it hurts heaps when I walk around or try to get up using my "stomach" muscles which feels like i'm using my pectoral muscle... haha. I have to still wear the hospital stockings tonight, gosh I'm glad it's not summer in Melbourne right now! Will probably eventually try to eat some soup later (AKA my boyfriend is going to have to feed me)

Some pictures

I know these pictures aren't great. I don't know how some girls take pictures day of surgery, I am so tender haha!

Mysterious grazes on back of arm!

Can't sleep!

I don't know what's worse my boobie pain or my back... Although my boobs are tight and sore, but oh my gosh my back is killing! I can't sleep comfortably (my surgeon said I could sleep on my back or side and neither is comfortable) I couldn't imagine trying to sleep on my side right now my ribs are hurting as well :( Guess it's all part of the recover! No Pain No Gain right!


I decided to semi sleep on my side (it was difficult because I have a boob there now that never used to be there haha) it seemed to help me sleep for a few hours! I can't wait till it's day time... 6am right now... wide awake... I'm hoping later on I can attempt to have my first shower with the help of my boyfriend! Not looking forward to removing the tubigrip...

Day 1 Post Op

Well today I didn't do much, I woke up had breakfast took my medication and got back into bed. Just trying to rest as much as I can (handle...) I did sit outside for a little while today as it was lovely weather and I didn't want to be in my bed all day. My pain wasn't bad throughout the day but it's definitely worse now, I've decided to take my stronger medication Endone. I think I'm in more pain due to using my stomach muscles and pecs... Well I hope I'm using them and not my arm muscles or whatever hahaha. But when I do have to use my arms occasionally FUCK they hurt and my underarms and armpits... I feel so weak! I feel bad having to have my boyfriend do everything for me. I've only now started to be able to hold a drink bottle... I wonder if this is normal. Also my boobs are a little warm, not in pain or burning but a little warm. I have been checking my temp and it's been fine.

Weird feeling

I have this vibrating feeling in my left boob, maybe even a bubbling sensation too...


I've only taken two tablets. One last night and one this morning, it definitely helped me sleep more last night but today it's made me feel so so so so sick... Currently lying in bed feeling so shit and so sick :(

I wanna shower!

So I'm allowed to have a shower, but I am in so much pain I don't know how I will cope in there without the compression on my boobies. But all the medication must be sweating out of my skin, I hate it! :( Ugh...


Just had my first shower today! So happy i'm finally clean haha. I'm still covered in sharpie from the surgery, I don't know if I should try and get it off. But got to have a look at my incisions and bruising.


They don't look big in the pictures but in life they look much bigger... I can't wait for them to drop and fluff and look perfect! haha

Sports Bra?

So I finally decided to wash my tubigrip (I first made sure it was okay with my surgeons office) they said I could wear a tight sports bra or crop top. When I went to buy them I tried them over my tubigrip so I probably should have bought them smaller as now they don't feel as tight like I need them to be. So I layered the crop top first and a "surgical bra" from target over the top to make it slightly more compressed.

In so much pain!

:( I thought the pain would have been a bit better by now and my body would have found a comfortable position to sleep in... nope! Not for me... I'm honestly struggling so much with sleeping on my back, I'm in awful pain and don't know what to do. But this morning my boobies hurt so much, I don't even want to try and move! I think the medication that I'm still on is giving me nightmares as well, I woke up profusely sweating! I hope I start feeling better with less pain and sleeping more comfortably... (P.S only taking normal panadol for pain as endone made me feel so sick and wasn't keeping food down) I may have overdone it last night, I was stuck in bed all day and I just wanted to go to the local shops with my boyfriend to get some food and other items I needed.


I have this weird rash under my armpit area! (excuse my armpit hairs I haven't been able to shave them as of yet) It started getting itchy a few days ago, but last night and this morning the rash had really developed! I can't help but scratch it either... And when I do scratch it, it's almost like water comes out from the rash it's very strange and irritating! Haha. On a side note my boobies don't hurt as much today!

Update and bruising

So I haven't been in too much pain... But still get pain here and there but definitely bearable. Feeling all these weird pains and tingles and all that! I only took endone (aka the strong stuff) twice! It made me so sick and I refused to take anymore, panadol was just fine for me in the end! Still on antibiotics and taking panadol daily at the moment... I still have a bruise on my hand from where the IV was! I wonder how long that'll take to go... really hoping I will be okay to drive on Tuesday!

Incisions and bruising

First post of appointment

So today I had my first post op appointment, they were running late (computer problems)! It was a very short appointment, Mr Bloom got me to change into a gown and assess his work. He was very pleased with how they are healing and the outcome so far! (I'm happy he's happy haha) But no i'm very happy with the outcome as well and I can't wait for them to start dropping and fluffing and looking like normal looking boobs! He took the stuff off that was over my incisions from surgery, and had to cut a suture down? I was very worried about that! He also took photos of me, gosh it is not easy to get in and out of tops and pulling my sports bra up and down! So far so good I think... I have another post op appointment in a month!


Omg... So I've probably over done it today! After my post op appointment I went to Chadstone (always crazy busy) and just walked around the shops trying to find certain stores to pick up some stuff including an under armour zip up sports bra. I don't know if it was the action of my body taking my tshirt of then my crop top sports bra off and trying on the other sports bra and then taking it off and putting my other one back on and then my tshirt. But gosh am I in pain right! I honestly didn't think that would have made me feeling this much pain but my boobs feel so tight right now but especially that skin between my boobs OMG that feels like it's gonna bust open! haha. Maybe my lack of sleep last night is contributing. But I'm sore, tired and overly emotional! Ugh...

Sports bra too tight?

So I bought an Under Armour sports bra (eclipse high impact zip sports bra to be exact) and I've only been able to wear it once... When I tried it on it felt fine it was nice and snug and felt like it was compressing my boobs nicely and supporting them. But yesterday when I wore it I was in so much pain my boobs were throbbing and as soon as I took it off last night my boobs were more swollen then they were before... While I am recovering should I wear a sports bra that pushes my boobs together? I'm back to wearing my cheap Target crop style sport bra! I don't know what I should do...


Took a few pictures after my shower today!

Picture update!

P.s has anyone else experienced dry peely like skin around nipples? I have my incisions in the crease. I find it so strange that my nipples are basically peeling and under my armpits and now it's started working the way to the top of my right boob! haha, I keep moisturising the areas!

First day back at work

Today was fucking horrible... I am so sore right now! (It's 8:00pm... I've been up since 5:30am!) It was also my first time driving today since having surgery... I am so exhausted! I just wanna curl up in a ball and cry... Really emotional, maybe because it's almost that time of the month haha

Picture update!

Surgical bras?

I think I need to invest in a good surgical bra! My surgeon just said any type of sports bra should be fine but no underwire... The sports bras are alright but I find them so uncomfortable after a long day. I've been looking at the Macom Signature bra! Any thoughts or suggestions? I also think I have strained my left shoulder somehow, it's been so sore all day! Wondering if it's from my sports bra now.... haha. Everyday is getting better pain wise, don't get my wrong I have pain and wish I had all my feeling back in my boobs! haha it feels so weird when I'm drying them after I shower or even moisturising them. I so badly want to start being active again and what not... I've put on a few kgs after surgery from being a couch potato :( No update on photos today due to being lazy and tired! Work is draining all my energy.

Boob greed already?

I'm 18 days post op and I definitely have boob greed!? I find this crazy as I got 500cc implants which is quite large and my surgeon said that would be my max! I feel as if they don't even look that big... I know I need to wait for them to drop and fluff but gosh am I impatient! I am happy with them because I can see the change in them but I hope they round out and look fairly decent in size! I know I'm not the only one on here that has felt this way... Thought I would add to it haha. P.s pain is getting better and better each day! I work in reception and it's still been tough even though I'm mostly at my desk, just taking it easy! I think I will feel much better about my boob greed situation when I can start working out again... I feel some what "sluggish"... Surgeons practice nurse gave me the okay to walk. So happy it's the weekend! :)


This boob greed is getting really bad! haha. Have to stop myself from coming on here everyday or I'm going to go crazy...


No new picture yet... but will take some soon. Left nipple is still "numb" if I touch it I can slightly feel it... (if I'm cold they both definitely get hard) My right one is super sensitive when I touch it, omgosh it kills! Also I have all these purple veins showing right under my right nipple... weren't there before! Hmmmmm....


Stretch marks

I have started to notice some stretch marks appearing around my nipple area! So upset about it... I know my boobs have stretched heaps and that this would happen! Just didn't think they would be as dark and noticeable! Any suggestions for products that could possibly remove them? I have been putting moisturiser on my nipples from the get go after surgery because they had been dry and peeling and the continued to do so... I put some bio oil on them this evening after I showered, hopefully I see some results soon!


Stretch marks and incisions... So upset that I didn't start using bio oil something sooner on my boobies! I was reading one surgeon said it's not common to get them after surgery!? I was a bit in shock... Maybe I'm prone to them but they look horrible!

Second Post Op

Today I had my second post op appointment, Mr Bloom said they look great! I saw my before and after photos and was in shock... What a difference! I got the all clear to wear bras and work out properly now! So excited!

Picture update

I had my 6 week post op appointment on Wednesday and I finally got sized for bras I'm now a DD (I know I will probably be a different cup size in a few months). You can see some of the stretch marks in the photos. I was given the all clear to have the tape off as well but I find it more comfortable to keep it on for the time being while I get used to my new bras. I've also been sleeping without a bra and omg does it feel amazing! Haha.
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