21, 5'3 | 500cc HP round smooth under the muscle, Melbourne, AU

So where do I even start... I've wanted this...

So where do I even start... I've wanted this procedure for a couple of years! It all really started January 2016 when I joined RealSelf... (although I was contemplating it through high school and was set on getting them when I was 18, but that's not real life and these things cost money haha)

This past year has been a hard/frustrating journey, I would go back and forth between it because I was petrified of surgery and complications! (I mean who isn't) I made so many consultation and cancelled them all (literally kicking myself thinking about it haha) I think I drove my boyfriend insane, one day I would say I'm going to get my boobies done and three days later I would say I'm not getting them done! Although he loves my body and boobs now, what man isn't going to like a little upgrade! haha

I finally had my breast augmentation consultation February 2nd 2017. Doctor Richard Bloom made me feel so comfortable! He is very informative and thorough in making sure he gives you the pros and cons of everything. Unfortunately they were in the process of moving offices and I wasn't able to see the actual implants (he uses Mentor) or have the Vectra Imagining done to see what my "possible" outcome maybe be. My next pre op appointment is early next month, I get to feel/see all that good stuff! I'm still incredibly nervous, but I'm so freaking happy and excited at the same time! My surgery is scheduled for April, I've put a deposit towards the date!

My stats -
Age: 21
Current Cup Size: A Cup
Heigh: 5'3ish (might be even smaller haha)
Weight: between 55-59kg
(I've always been very petite but have put on a few kg's and become a bit more curvy, not mad about having a bum now haha. I would like to lose some weight on my problem areas aka thighs/tummy/arms)

I'm really wanting to be at 50kg's during surgery, it's hard when you work in an office haha! Need to get off my butt and start working out!

My Doctor did discuss a few different implants with me but honestly it was a lot to take in at the first consultation! He mentioned High Profile 450cc implants.
Another type of anatomical one and I'm sure he discussed the Moderate Plus Profile which i'm loving most at the moment.

He measured me and said my breast diameter is 13 cm's (I think) I'm really hoping I can fit the 400cc Moderate Plus Profile in as i'm very unsure about High Profile implants, I feel like they will look too fake (no hate).

I want them to be "semi" natural, obviously I'm paying a good amount of money so I do want to show them! But I don't wanna have crazy porn start balloons on my body either!

Honestly this site has been so amazing and helpful! I'm so glad I came across it in my search for my future boobies!

Will post pictures of my teeny weeny boobies and my wish boobies

p.s Thanks for reading my long boring "review".

Any feedback/help welcome, I'm from Australia and it's hard to find a lot of reviews from down under on here! haha


Freaking Out!

Oh gosh... I have been freaking out about surgery so badly lately (holding it all in) I can't believe how fast it has come... 3rd April is my day for new boobies! So many things have been running through my mind! My first pre op appointment is tomorrow and I get to finally decide with my surgeon what size I will be going! I still feel as if I am not organised for this I may need after surgery! I haven't bought one thing :/

Size choosen!

Today was my pre op appointment with Mr Bloom, we picked my implant size which will be 500cc high profile round smooth under the muscle. Unfortunately there vector imagining system was not working today, but it honestly doesn't/didn't bother me at all! I really trust him and what the outcome will be! Now just patiently waiting till my surgery in April, at least work will keep me busy... haha

Wish Pictures!

What I am hoping my boobies look like after my breast augmentation after they've healed... Obviously everyone's body is different and I know my outcome won't fully match what hers look like :)


I know it's post number two of today. But I am really nervous and scared for surgery, and I sit here on realself and do crazy research! I'm so worried about everything! I've never had surgery before! :(

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