25 Year Old Male - Mild-Moderate Persistent Acne - Melbourne, AU

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Hi guys, I've been suffering from acne for approx...

Hi guys,

I've been suffering from acne for approx. 10 years. I was put on Epiduo in 2009 to no avail - to be honest I wasn't happy with my treatment - maybe it was my attitude at the time as I believe diet is a factor. I started the Acne.org regime a few years ago but until now I came to realise this is simply a bandaid solution - I didn't want to keep smothering products on my face day in day out. I went to a Melbourne dermatology institute in late 2015. I was first put onto Differin with another antibiotic topical solution - this didn't work. I then tried Differin along with Cephalexin - this was also unsuccessful. When I was prescribed Cephalexin my derm also included some information on Accutane. At first I was skeptical - I simply thought this was for severe acne. I soon realized this is a real possibility. I came into the next appointment fully aware this was the next step - I was right. I started on 20mg every second day almost two weeks ago (25-7-16). I don't want to jinx it but to this day I can definitely see improvement. I've had exactly 2 break outs in 2 weeks with 1-2 currently forming. My current pictures (7-8-16) is the worst it's looked in 5 days!

20 Tablets, 4 Weeks In Post

20 Tablets, 4 Weeks In Post

47 Tablets, 8 Weeks In Post

8 Weeks in I'm happy with the progress. My skin hasn't felt this smooth in a long time. At the moment my skin is 90% red marks. I'm still on 20mg per day. I'm seeing my derm this Thursday.

87 Tablets, 14 Weeks In Post

I went to see my derm 22-9. She assured me everything is going well however it will be a 9 month course due to other medication I take and to eliminate any further side effects. I'm very happy at the moment. Would love to hear your thoughts.

25 week comparison

25 week comparison

36 Weeks In Update

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