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Hello everyone I am looking for a good doctor to...

Hello everyone I am looking for a good doctor to do my nose. Someone whose experienced, price isn't a issue just want a best doctor in Melbourne. I dont know why but there isnt any good rhinoplasty doctors in melbourne, theres heaps in syd ive heard great stuff although i dont want to travel. So let me know if you know any here in melb. Thanks

Rhinoplasty (dr george marcells)

Hey has anyine had surgery by dr george marcells? Please tell if your happy? Thanks

Rhinoplasty soon - HELP

Soooo I might having surgery soon ;) I am so scared but excited but really scared.

How did you cope with the anxiety? I am afraid i will faint once i get to the hospital lol and cry my lungs out.

Also I am very un organized (i know naughty me) what should i get from the local drug store? What do i need before surgery? Any handy tips and advice's!!

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