Negative Side Effects from IPL for Melasma

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I had 2 IPL treatments om my face for melasma....

I had 2 IPL treatments om my face for melasma. Months following the 2nd treatment I got white polka-dots all over my face. They are clustered on the rt side of my forehead and below both cheeks. They have not gotten any better after 1 year. I have used Tri- Luma, chemical peels every 3 weeks and tons of sunscreen. I also still have terrible melasma. I want to know if the white spots willever go away or what I can do. I am considering Active FX. I have also considered Cosmelan but I read the solution contains 8% HQ and not sure how safe that is.

Will the hypopigmentation improve with time and if so, how much time? Should I consider Active FX. No one where I live seems to have an answer.

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I just wish I could find someone well read in the treatment of melasma. I can't believe that there is not more that can be done.

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