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I've always wanted to do Zoom! But would never...

I've always wanted to do Zoom! But would never pay hundreds just to whiten my teeth, and then I found a deal for $99 from an on-line site called Groupon, free to join. My teeth weren't too bad, I smoked for 15 years, been almost 4 years now since I quit. Anyway, at that price I decided to do it.

The prep is kind of annoying, and sitting in a chair with a weird contraption in your mouth is uncomfortable, but bareable. The first 15 minute session was fine no biggie, then about 5 minutes into the 2nd session I experienced what they call a "Zinger" and Ouch! Does not feel good! It only lasted a couple seconds, and only happened once in the second session and twice in the third, in the same tooth.

Anyways after the procedure was over, I was somewhat pleased with the results. My teeth definitely were whiter, however I feel like they could have been better, also I had a really white dot right on my top front tooth, dentist said it was from Calcification?? And that it would go away. Just had it done today, so we'll see.

Anyway it's been hours now and I keep having these "Zingers" and they are awful!! Hopefully they don't last past today. Anyway, I don't think I would recommend Zoom! It did whiten my teeth, not enough to be totally satisfied, if I paid hundreds for this then I would be mad, but for $99 I'm just kinda sorta satisfied. These Zingers are awful though.

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The dentist was very nice and very informative.

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