Nightmare in Bangkok- Medi Makeovers (Breast Implants and Lift) Thailand, TH

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Where do I start... I am over 3 wks from my first...

Where do I start... I am over 3 wks from my first surgery and I have to have my 4th operation this week...

Daniella the Owner of Medi Makeovers, assured me Dr Rungkit was the 4th top cosmetic / reconstructive surgeon in Thailand.... A bit hard to believe if you saw what I looked like now. I am 26 and I am fit and healthy. Well I was before my surgery! I decided to go with Medi Makeovers as they were an Aussie owned and operated company. It stated on the website that you could package your Thai Medical experience as a holiday... It was by no means a holiday!!

Medi Makeovers wiped their hands clean when things didn't go to plan. They put my complication in the too hard basket. The language barrier at the hospital I was at was extremey difficult. I kept getting told that it's ok and don't worry, that's normal. I have done a medical degree and I definitely knew things werent normal!... I was told by Daniella that I was no longer her client even though she kept saying that "her staff" were looking after me... Daniella was rude on the phone whilst I was in hospital and spoke to me in an unprofessional manner. Considering the circumstances I did not appreciate the abuse nor did I need the added stress. The only time she showed any remorse was after I broke down in tears and said that it would have been nice to reply to my texts and calls or to say if I needed anything at all to contact them... Not long after that, I got a text...

If you're reading the details about surgery guarantee and wondering if that means satisfaction guarantee, well it doesn't. I had a whole A4 page of questions to ask my surgeon as well as images and I asked with my body type and the desired look I am wanting to achieve, what's is the best technique. I had to ask about all the complications. After the surgeon I went to pay and there was a discrepancy about a particular cost for a nipple procedure. The staff phoned the surgery to query. It's only THEN that he said he forgot to tell me that there was actually a 60% chance of nipple necrosis not 2%. Not once in the consult had he mentioned that there would be such a high risk!!! Daniella from Medi Makeovers calls me and says that "everyone knows that you can't have implants, lift and nipple reconstruction all at once as there is too much blood loss".... Well the surgeon definite said I could & if he is such a top surgeon, this should have been raised immediately and I should have been advised that this is not recommended. It made me think if he has forgotten to explain this, what else has he forgotten to tell me. He should have a check list of things to go through and make sure he explains these. He seemed like he was just trying to pump out as many procedures per day.

The story only gets worse... I was advised my surgery would go for approx 3 hrs. I was in there for over 4hrs plus recovery time. My family and partner were besides themselves as no one had communicated what was going on.... After my surgery I was not happy with my breasts. They were no where near as big, high or close together as I was advised they would be. I know the breast are supposed to change a lot however miracles were going to have to happen if what I original requested was to eventually happen.... The surgeon only came in once a day for a brief chat. I explained my concerns and said that my breast are really far apart and nothing like I hoped. He said he has a 2 finger gap rule between the breast. Now that was never mentioned!! Even 3 weeks post surgery they aren't even close to what I asked for. I had drains in both breast which went into a bottle. I had over 90cc blood each day. I raised this concern with the surgeon that it hasn't been decreasing and he said this is normal and the body would absorb it... Obviously not as 3 days being discharged, I went for a wound checking and to my disbelief I had to go in for further surgery as the surgeon said I had a too much fluid still in the left breast. No scans were done to see if they could use a needle to drain it rather than risk opening it back up for infection. I did some more researched and asked the surgery was it a haematoma and it wasn't until then that he told me what was wrong. I had a 20cc haematoma and had to stay another 3 nights in hospital on an antibiotic IV drip. I asked the nurses if I could view my file so see my original pictures and the nurses were very hesitant. I should be allowed to know what going on with my own body... On the day I was leaving, I was still leaking blood, so I had to go in for more surgery to be stitched up more. The stitches were messy and I was told I was not allowed to wear the bra until the stitches are taken out. Over 3 wks later they are still in and I am still leaking.

I flew home to Australia and saw another surgeon and my GP. Both breasts are still weeping and I have to go for further surgery as my left breast has completely come open and has the potential of exposing the implant which may force it to being removed. I also have an abscess on my left breast too. This has honestly been such a traumatic experience and an expensive one at that! Please just save your money and get any surgery done in Australia. It not worth your health if something goes wrong. I never thought it would happen to me...

Other things that occurred are:
- my quote from Medi Makeovers that I received had approx Aus dollar amount in brackets after the Baht amount but it was in old baht conversation rates. Not the date of the quote. Very misleading
- when trying to arrange accommodation costs, i was told that I would stay in hospital for 4 nights. After I had my loan approved and less than 2wks out, I was told it was only 3 nights in the hospital.
- thai airways were uncontactable on the weekend in Aus. We needed to change flights but couldn't.
- told I could be given a dr certificate to give to my employer but in actual fact I couldn't
- when we arrived the driver was no where to be found and phone was off. I was emailed 2 different lots of instructions as to where driver would be
- told by Medi makeovers that the airport is the best place to change money for surgery when in actual fact I would have lost over $1000 of my surgery money if I exchanged there. Do it at MBK shopping centre.
- another Medi makeover patient was given a surgical bra from the hospital. I had to buy my own. She said she did not have to pay extra in her package for this.
- whilst on the operation table they nearly gave me someone else's implant- 365cc instead of 435cc
- Nurses gave me someone else's medication on 3/3/15: 43yr old woman
- language barrier and lack of communication. Majority of nurses speak very little english. Ok ok and yeah yeah were most of their responses
- the goal posts kept getting moved each day as to what was happening. I always felt like I was in the dark and had no idea what was happening
- too many chinese whispers. Always told something different and then made out that I am lying or apparently misunderstood, when my partner clearly heard everything too
- only allowed 2 bottles of water at the hospital per day and then have to pay more. Seems silly when you're supposed to stay hydrated.
- too many people saying different things:
was told by hospital coordinator that once back at hotel i am not allowed outside otherwise terms of surgery guarantee is cancelled. Daniella told me that this isn't true
- tv has 2 channels to watch english
- not enough pain killers given on the night of Surgery
- shower in hospital is very temperamental
- air con keeps changing temp up n down without touching it
- offers hamburger and chips for breakfast: just came out of surgery- should be having healthy food
- hospital suites are equivalent to 2 star hotel. Fairly old.
- After my 2nd surgery I was told I had bad blood because their was smoke in my blood. Ive never smoked. From polluted country.
- Some other Bangkok hospitals, all staff speak at least 1-2 other languages- Mostly english
- surgeon always late
- have to buzz hospital staff numerous times to come into the room and they usually take awhile to come in. Too bad if it was urgent
- no adequate rest.
- Cleaners dont understand english at all and came in at inconvenient hours and turn the lights all on when trying to sleep.
- Miss James was meant to email answers to my post surgery questions. This still hasn't been received when though I have emailed, texted and called her.
Dr Rungkit - Piyavate Hospital

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