Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo 29y/o

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After a years of researching and reading reviews...

After a years of researching and reading reviews on Real Self I've decided to bite the bullet and schedule my tummy tuck procedure. I'm having a full tummy tuck with lipo. After researching surgeons in Colombia I knew that that's where I wanted to go and have my first cosmetic procedure. My decision to go to Colombia was based 100% on skill and not price. As this is a major procedure I don't want to be cheap with my health and wellbeing. I was initially considering Plazas & William Jimenez in Cali and then I found Dr. Mejia in Medellin and really fell in love with his breast work. Oh yeah I'm considering breast implants. He has lots of photos and videos on his instagram of his facilities and I loved that they were clean & modern. I emailed his office my photos it took a while to get a response because it was during the holidays. He quoted me $6000 for the tummy tuck lipo and breast and $4300 if I didn't do the breast. The quote includes garment 1 night stay in the hospital suite (which I'm so excited about) anesthesia & insurance. I've been communicating with Dr. Mejia through WhatsApp very easily. I like that he makes time to get to you in between consults and after surgery. I haven't read a single bad review so I'm confident I'm in good hands. The 1 concern I do have is scar placement and type of scarring he leaves as none of his tummy tuck photos are of the scar. I was considering William Jimenez because his scars are low and very thin. I'm hoping Dr. Mejia will leave me with a decent scar. I'm also hoping he can give me the waist I had prior to having children. I'm not staying in a recovery house it just seems like more hassle than I would want. I'm staying for 19 days in a hotel and a friend will stay with me don't first week while I recover. This is an early birthday gift to myself. I've researched Medellin and watched a bunch of travel videos on YouTube to insure that I'm going to a safe city and that really helped put my concerns at ease. I'm planning to take as many photos and be as descriptive as possible throughout this process as I've found that there aren't enough really thorough reviews of Dr. Mejia and if I can help someone else who is considering him that would make me very happy. If anyone has any tips on things I should pack or things that they wish they would've done or just tips in general I would greatly appreciate it!

Before photos

As you can see I have quite a bit of weight in my midsection and on my back. I'm also considering implants to move up to a C cup in breast size. Hoping that once he does the lipo my butt would stand out more.

Hemo levels

So I'm a little nervous about my hemo levels. The last time I had a CBC was when I was pregnant and my level was at a 10.8, I've always been mildly anemic. Doctor Mejia wants me to be at a 13. About 3 or so weeks ago I started taking iron 3 times a day. I got a stronger dosage of iron pills and I'm taking that twice a day along with folic acid. I'm also drinking beetroot juice and I'm gonna start eating a boatload of spinach. Tomorrow I go into my doctor and will have my blood count checked just so I can see where I'm at. Really hope I won't have to reschedule as my summer is jam packed with stuff and I won't be able to do it again until October. Anyone else have experience with getting their hemo up? What did you do and how long did it take?

Hemo all good

So I went to my doctor today to have a CBC and my hemo came back 12.4. Dr. Mejia wants me at at least 13 so I'll continue taking the trihemic twice a day along with folic acid once a day. I started about 3 weeks or so probably with a hemo of 10.8 which is the norm for me and by doing what I'm doing my hemo has jumped up quite a bit. 5 weeks away from my surgery date I'll be at 13 in no time.


Anyone have any suggestions for necessary supplies for tummy tuck lipo and breast implants? I see some women posting a long list of things wondering if anyone can tell me what are the things that are absolutely necessary. Thanks!

Made it to Medellín!

OMG! Colombia is so beautiful. I guess part of me had this really horrible idea about Colombia in my head because of Narcos. But omg is it beautiful. I'm also so impressed by how kind and patient the people are when you don't speak Spanish. I checked into my hotel which I love. It's the right environment for me to recover in. So far so happy I decided this route and not the recovery house route. I bought all my supplies in Miami and meeting with Mejia tomorrow morning for pre op stuff. Gonna head to the mall and do a little shopping before I'm in full on recovery mode

Met Dr. Mejia

So this morning I had me pre op appt. the building and the offices are really nice. Even though his receptionist did not speak English she was so patient and really nice, we just used google translate to get through it. Dr. Mejia speaks impeccable English. We spoke about the surgery he examined me and we decided on tummy tuck and lipo. I'm no longer doing my boobs. I need a little lift and didn't budget for it so I'll have to come back. No worries as my main concern right now, and the source of my anxiety is my midsection. I tried to sneak some photos without looking like a creep lol. The last photo is a pic of the lab where you do your blood work. So after you see Mejia you go down to the 10th floor and do your labs then you go over the the next building to meet the anesthesiologist. After you do that then it's off to accounting to pay for your procedure(s). I left without going to accounting, by accident, so I have to go back in a few. It's such a beautiful day today in Medellin.

Made it to the flat side!

Everything went well laying in bed in the hospital. Mejia is an amazing man. I have nothing but great things to say about him. The nurses in the hospital are all top notch and extremely kind. I can't stop singing their praises. During preop yesterday 4 nurses struggled to find a vein in my hand, I have tiny veins, and they never got frustrated were more concerned about my discomfort from all the poking. I don't remember much after being wheeled into the OR. They put this drug in my iv before I went into the OR and I felt like I was on cloud 9. Helped with the nerves. I woke up in post op shaking from being cold. They put a warm blanket on me. With the tummy tuck you have to stay 1 night in the hospital which I totally appreciate. Idk how a doctor sends you home after something like this. Just shows how Mejia goes above and beyond for his clients. While you're in the OR someone communicates with reception to keep your loved ones updated. I slept through the night was totally out of it. I feel sore mostly. I got up to pee and that was rough. He did back lipo and front lipo and a tummy tuck. Haven't peeked yet I'm kind of nervous. The only hiccup yesterday was that surgery started a few hours late but I think that was a fluke. I trust gods timing. Will keep you all updated.

Hotel room

Day 2

This operation is no joke. My friend gave me a shower this morning that felt like heaven. I'm really sore. I've got my eye on the prize though. Loving what I'm seeing so far. Today I had my first massage painful but afterwards I felt better. Dr. Mejia has been in communication with me which is great. Mary who does the massages is also great. Tomorrow I go to see the doctor, think I'll see my scar tomorrow. I can tell it's really low. I'm really swollen still. Also not draining much hope that's good. Anyway don't have much more to update as things change i will update you guys. xx.

Before photos

I have 2 kids my 2nd was a really large baby so all the damage came from him. I'm 5'7 and was 134lbs at time of surgery.

Day 4

Today seems to be a much better day. I'm getting up on my own. My 3rd massage was good felt better afterwards. Actually ate my first real meal. Grilled chicken rice and beans. Still haven't gone poo yet. My tummy is still hard and swollen but taking it a day at a time. Still sore but it's not unbearable. I'm supposed to be walking around more and trying to stretch out gonna do that now actually and then take a shower. My draining massage was intense today squirted all over poor Mary. A lot of fluid came out of my back. But I think that's all for an update will post pics of my scar once the bandages are removed.

Day 5

This morning was pretty ok getting up. Walked around a bit still swollen which makes it hard to stand straight. Getting pretty winded still. Haven't gone number 2 gonna take half a dulcolax and see if that helps. So nervous. Went down to the hotel restaurant and had breakfast sat down there for a few hours which was nice. I really miss being able to laugh, laughing hurts so much still. I'm just so tired of the swelling. I'll see Mejia tomorrow so hopefully everything is going well. I miss my family and just feeling overall normal. I know it's only day 5 so I'm trying h to be patient. My ass has disappeared because I'm so swollen that sucks. Anyway will update more as things change. Trying to stay positive. Xo.

IQ InterQuirófanos

So I wanted to do a review on the facilities in which the operation took place, because last night I had to be readmitted to the hospital for a blood transfusion. Long story short my hemo dropped significantly and Dr. Mejia caught it and had me admitted to the hospital. Was kind of weird because I felt completely normal but numbers don't lie. The facilities are so nice. The nurses are amazing! I literally just watched Netflix on the smart tv in the room in complete comfort. The nurses didn't speak a lot of English but I loved that they remembered me from the 1 night I slept in the hospital after the surgery. Guys i have never had a medical experience like the one I've had here. What makes this place top of the line is the staff. By far the best people! When a nurse can see that you're a little worried and comes and rubs your back and says it's ok it's those little things that make you feel good. IQ InterQuirófanos is the name of the hospital there's a video on YouTube that covers it. The transfusion was successful I'm back at my hotel now. Tomorrow the drain comes out and I'm gonna try to post some new update pics. It's 1:30am and I'm writing this so if it's all over the place sorry lol. If you have any questions send me a private message. xx.

Day 9

So yesterday day 8, I had that pesky drain removed! Yes Jesus! I instantly felt free. Didn't hurt I'm overly dramatic so if you were in the room you would've probably thought it was hurting me lol. I'm getting up and out of bed by myself still sore like hell on my back and hips but everyday I love my results more and more. Dr. Mejia seems a little disappointed about not getting rid of a really big cluster of stretch marks I had above my belly button that are now under. I didn't expect that he would be able to get rid of them and I'm so happy. I didn't go into this seeking perfection I just really wanted a small waist and flat tummy again and he's given me that. Anyone I know that's considering having work done I've said they HAVE to see Mejia! The level of care you get is top notch. I had my first post op bowel yesterday... omg was that an experience. I didn't take a laxative just came natural and it took about an hour and a half from start to finish. I also got my period yesterday as well. Despite all that having that drain removed was the highlight of my day. Mary continues to come and do the massages which help majorly. I'm still walking hunched over a little. My scar I can barely see it when he changes the tape. I do think my skin color helps in concealing it. It's a low scar. As soon as he removes the tape I will post photos of it. It's low and thin. I'm so happy with the scar placement. Till next time darlings!

Day 11

Today the post op blues set in. I'm an impatient person by nature so I'm totally over the soreness on my sides and my back. Im also over not standing up straight. I think I'm also missing my family like crazy. Last night I slept amazing though so that's a positive. Still sore the bruises are fading wish the pain would as well. Up until this morning the drain site was still leaking fluid seems to have stopped now. I know in a few months I'm gonna be laughing at all my bitching. Anyway for those wondering why Day 11 is like, for me it's still having soreness on my back and sides, not being able to stand up straight. Walking is still uncomfortable. Getting in and out of bad is better than it was a week ago but still a bit painful. The massages help though can't wait to see Mary Luz on Monday.

2 weeks

Hey dolls today I'm officially 2 weeks post op. Here's what 2 weeks feels like... I'm getting in and out of bed fine. Still slightly hunched over but moving a lot better. Still swollen can't wait for the swelling to subside. Also still sore on my sides. Today I went to the mall did some shopping really enjoyed that. Helped me straighten up a little. By the end of the day I'm back hunched over. Mary Luz came this morning, since my drain site isn't allowing fluid to come out anymore she's gave me a different type of massage and said I'll have to pee it out. Let me tell you that massage knocked me the hell out. Best nap ever! Wish I could take her back with me. Saw Mejia today he changed my bandages says everything looks beautiful. I'm still draining from where he removed my drain. He Says it happens nothing we can do about it just let it drain out. It's so annoying having this hole in the middle of my mons pubis lol. There goes my sex life in the immediate future. Overall 2 weeks feels soooo much better than 1 week. Still definitely healing but I can do more things for myself. I leave Colombia in 2 days can't wait to see my babies and my husband. I'll post pics tomorrow I'm too tired and hunched over today I'm also not sure much has changed from my last set of photos...


Here's a little peak at the scar. This pic was taken by my friend at my first post op visit I believe. Which was Day 2 or 3 I wanna say... I know a lot of you are wondering about his scar so this will give you an idea. I'm honestly waiting for the swelling to subside a little more before I post a better photo I also wanna wait until he says it's ok to not wear the tape anymore. Hope this helps in the meantime xo.

Day 15

Not much has really changed just ready for the swelling to go away. My next post will be when the swelling significantly subsides...

Day 18

Well I'm back home. Leaving Colombia was an absolute nightmare. After being grilled at the AA check in about my life and my family I proceed to security get through security and I'm standing in the last security checkpoint line and this woman officer approaches me asking if I've had an operation. I answered truthfully and handed her the letter that Mejia gave me saying I was 16 days post op. She took me in a dark disgusting room and made me take my clothes off only to look at my body in horror. She was an absolute BITCH! I started crying immediately I think the whole thing of being treated like a criminal and locked up abroad came to mind. She then told me to put my clothes back on and made me go into narcotics where I had to stand in a body X-ray. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion but was an overall humiliating experience. Was so happy when I landed in Miami. It's unfortunate because my entire Colombian experience was so positive and then this bitter bitch had to come and mess with me. She was not happy with me leaving I swear she wanted to keep me in Colombia. The male officer obviously thought she was being ridiculous. Like damn bitch do you want work done I can refer you to an awesome surgeon. Anyway today I'm almost straight easier getting up and down. My drain hole is still draining but seems to be draining less and less I'm wearing my compression garment and putting a heating pad on my swelling and I feel like it's helped the swelling tremendously. I'm just ready to stand up straight. When my husband saw me he immediately said I looked thin... clearly have lost some weight Idk if it's good or bad yet. Coughing and laughing it's still a little rough. My scar looks beautiful 2 more weeks and I can remove the tape and I'll post photos. Anyway ready for this drain hole to close and to be able to stand up straight so I can feel normal again.

3 weeks

Ahhhhhh I feel great! Finally feeling like myself again. I'm pretty much walking normal if I'm busy throughout the day then in the evenings I'm a little hunched over. My muscles are tight still but I'm moving in ways that I couldn't a week ago. Still some swelling but I can expect that for the next couple months. The drain site is finally starting to dry up. My belly button was being troublesome had a weird odor and today I find it's starting to go away as well. This is the last week I'll wear the tape on my scar. I'll post pics on my 1 month post op next week. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. xx.

Week 4: Scar

Hi ladies here are pics of my scar at week 4. Today the tape came off and I no longer have to wear it. I still have quite a bit of swelling which are also making my stretch marks look more aggressive. So over the swelling!! I had a lot of stretch marks prior to surgery so I knew I would have some after. Especially the large cluster/scar that occurred during pregnancy where my belly button was pierced. The drain site has finally stopped draining now just waiting for this belly button to heal it's so annoying. I love my scar I can literally wear any type of underwear. Dr. Mejia said to start the scaraway gel twice a day. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Swell Hell!

Ugh the swelling! Nothing prepares you for the swelling. I'm over this recovery it's a little under 5 weeks and I'm so over it. Still sleeping on the couch because the bed is uncomfortable. Still not standing all the way straight and the swelling is still annoying. Anyway rant done.

6 weeks

Finally finally moving like my old self. I'm sleeping in my bed on both sides so getting a good night rest. I'm walking pretty normal, belly button has dried up and the drain hole is drying as well. 6 weeks feels like the beginning of feeling like a normal person. Still sore on my side and on my back from the lipo. My lower back lipo swelling has gone down enough to show me what my butt looks like now. Loving my results. Dr. Mejia really knows what he's doing. Especially if you want natural looking results that no one will question. My scar looks amazing I can tell at a year PO it's gonna be hard to make it out. I'm still swollen in the front but its going down gradually. All in all 6 weeks feels amazing! Any questions drop a comment or send a PM
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

So far extremely easy to communicate with.

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