Butt implants + lower back lipo - Medellín, CO

I have booked everything today. Dec 2nd surgery,...

I have booked everything today.
Dec 2nd surgery, Tranquility recovery home, flights. nov28 - dec 11. I messed up with booking flight.. Oh well two days to explore Medellin.. Hopefully, it looks very beautiful there!
I had my nose done two years ago on dec 2nd so funny I am going for butt on same date..
I am 5'10, 120-125 pounds. My butt is square I guess, no shape, I had gotten a personal trainer before and after like 6 months I saw a very little growth but then I had BA and couldn't work out and all my body was gone.. I like to go to the gym and be healthy but its just.. So annoying if you miss a few days it can affect so much.. and i'm kinda lazy to be keeping up with the working out I would need to get where I want.. yyyaaaya lazy person excuses whatever! Everything is about butts, guys love butts, butts are beautiful, I feel like i'm missing something.. lol! I am tall and thin my legs are super skinny and it very hard for me to gain weight. I don't want to look like a retard and fake with a huge butt not saying that is what people with big butts look like but I mean for my body and my scrawny legs I would! I want it to look full and athletic? and a little bit more than a regular butt so people are like omg nice its so perfect and wondering if its real or not. Any advice on a size would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Some pictures of me and my goal

Just used this app to photoshop my dream bum. Is this realistic ? Anyone know what size this might be?
I asked my doctor he carries 390, 430, 500, 560.
I was think 430? Or 390.. I don't wanna look funny but I really have no idea how things will look. Hard to find someone with my exact body type who had implants without lipo. I don't want lipo.. I know it could really help my hips but I am coming from Canada so with exchange it will come to like 2g, don't think it really lasts long, and it honestly gives me serious anxiety I watched a YouTube of it happening.. sick!


I was getting kind of nervous of the surgery on another country all alone and just a week away. Maybe I made a rash decision. Cause I was upset and feeling insecure..
Also I won't be home till Dec 12 and I have family coming. Also my boyfriend wanted to go away with me and doesn't think now is a good time for the surgery..
So I asked tranquility RH about refunds and since it is a week away not 14 days I can't have a refund! Also my flight is non refundable. Lmao
I can have credit at each.. I've wanted this done and researched for probably 3 years! So I will get it done just move the date. Maybe after Christmas in Jan or feb when things aren't so busy.. ugh I dunno. I really wanna go but no one is really supporting it right now an I guess it's not a good time.. I hope Dr.Mejia won't mind and let me still see him just let it be a month or two away. I still want surgery with him 100%


Dr.Mejia says anytime after Jan 10 I can come.. just waiting for my boyfriend to give date he thinks is good for me to go.. I asked him this morning an he say talk about it when I come home in a bit an then he never mention it ?! It's really annoying me.
My bf is paying but if I ask him for so much at once like he get really annoyed.
The flight from Expedia is in my account an won't refund to cash same as tranquility .. soo I have to go still..
I made all the plans an booked everything when I was fighting with him and feeling insecure..

I know that if I workout just 2-3 days a week or even just eat a bit healthier my stomach is thin an defined and my thighs can be a little bigger. So if implant lool to big at first I won't worry.
I am focusing on this happening so it will. Lol
I really want more hip but I don't have much fat an if I be sad and don't eat much for a week or so I lose like 10 pounds so I think if I had lipo it will disappear anyways. I am not so good at routine an can't always keep up with gym or being super healthy so that's why I want this surgery so much. I just want to be more confident and happy. I had nose an boobs done and it change my life so much. Butts are like number 1 for guys tho they could bypass ur chest size an face if u have a nice ass lol.
So ya I think I will be so happy and complete once I have this done!
Also I wonder if it making my bf insecure because he know that an the attention I will get ? That's why he haven't tell me when yet an say for me not to go when I first tell him I book it for dec 2. He have money so?? lol!
I don't want to be annoying but whatever I will ask again today.
Here are some wish pics..
It seems the ones I like are more round on the hip.. I have no hips so I'm not sure it will turn out on me the same. Maybe I need oval ? But I don't think he offer that type. Or hip implant. I don't want oval seems to have many complications and with my luck probably would
malfunction lol so maybe I can ask him to order hip implant ?

What I don't want

This women's butt omg I don't understand why she have so many followers ? No offence to her or anyone with body like this. I have small body too just posting what I'm looking for in my journey.
I really don't like this at all so small an seem very tight. Maybe people like that? Idk not me. She just stand there on angles an standing certain ways pushing it out u know like making it look more than it is. Also because her waist is so small it helps make it bigger looking.

My body from working out

This is when I was working out. So can see how my thigh was a little bit bigger so like I said if butt implant is a little too big it will look ok when I start working out again. This is before I got my BA after my BA break my body was pretty much back to normal an my personal trainer quit there so I got so lazy to get back into it..
I think this shows how my muscle goes a little bit so maybe the implant will be an exaggeration of this ? Lol I'm sure this doesn't look like much to a lot of people but it is to me compared to how I am naturally an hard to gain weight.


Someone tell me .. is this possible with round implant? What size could do this?
I'm so obsessed with this site and this app to photoshop the pic I just keep dreaming about my future bum.
If anyone want to know the app to do this it is called Dr.Solomon. It is a doctors app who probably want to get new patients but you can just use it and edit the photo.


OMG I WAS JUST ON THE PHONE FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF TRYING TO FIND A FLIGHT TO MEDELLIN! Finally I have flight feb 19 arrive on feb 20th 5pm. Dr.Mejia says I can see him ok the 21 and surgery on 22nd! I feel so much better now, have time to plan, get things I need, can have a normal christmas, my boyfriend supports me now because the timing is better. So happy tranquility, doctor mejia and the flights worked out. YAY
Omg my boyfriend was like so.. your going to have a fat ass huh? an I'm like YUP and he's like are you gunna leave me after LOL I'm like YUP hahaha I swear guys know that all guys are so into ass like all the attention I will get he prob worried. I love him I wouldn't leave him. We both were jk tho lol.

What size

390, 430, 500, 560 are the sizes my doctor offers. But I cannot find 500cc implant info of how much projection inches it has? Anyone know?

Sizing ?

Anyone know a good way to do the sizing other than rice because I tried the rice and it just went all flat and weird?
Doctor says 430cc max for me. He offers ovals too but thinks I should do round.

Back lipo for hips?

Sooooo I'm doing so much research.. I've always known that bbl obviously looks way more natural and helps with the hips..
The implants won't do much for the hip.. I really want hips. But he doesn't offer hip implants although haven't seen many good reviews of those.. I was showing my boyfriend a photoshop pic of how I should look and he is basically wants me to have a huge butt lmao and way wider hips.
Dr.Mejia did first give me a quote implants with lower back lipo. It's like I don't remember uhmm 1500$ more I think.
I'm wondering if I can get lipo on my back the bra line thing sides and handles.
And if I do despite there not being much and it goes to my hips will it even make much of a difference ? Or just disappear by 6months.
If anyone has seen review of thin girl with lipo let me know plz. Thanks


Some wish pics .. I'm not sure if I can get any of the same look because my thighs are much thinner.. but I would like the shape and size equivalent that could suit me if that makes sense


44 days .. all I think about everyday is my ass how it's going to look will it look good.. what if something bad happens.. what if I get infection.. what if dr cancels .. what if he doesn't do size I want and I look small still ? What to buy what to bring.. what if my plane crashes.. what if I get robbed.. what if I get kidnapped there!! what if what if what if lmao ok maybe it sounds crazy but you never know!! I worry a lot but omg 44 days and 42 for the flight ah! When I get my surgery done I won't disappear from realself after so many people do that like did they die from complications after surgery ?? So if I don't post it means I died. I really don't like being apart from my boyfriend that alone causes me a lot of anxiety. Now I will be in another country laying there so far away and who knows what he is doing. The whole situation everything will be out of my control staying at a RH people I don't know have to depend on them, being on a plane, not knowing where I am or the language in Colombia. I watched Narcos ok! Maybe Escobar isn't around anymore but there is still drug trade going on there could I be hit with a stray bullet ?? Lol
Any tips to deal with anxiety ?? Doing these before an after photo edit things help ease my mind an be positive. I know that it's something I really want done and will help me feel a lot more confident like I know the feeling after my nose and after my boob each time I feel a lot better about myself. This will be my last surgery until maybe after I have kids redo boobs an tummy tuck prob if my stomach needs it.
The best I do is resort to imagining walking around with a really nice butt an everyone looking at it in envy lmao!! Maybe I'm crazy but I'm going to a country I never been for surgery if it was in Canada and I can come home to my bf or mom to take care of me I wouldn't care so much .
If anyone made it down this far reading my crazy thoughts I'm wondering about the butt pillow I seen there a a few types which do you guys recommend to be the best one I wanna order it now so even if it comes late it will still be here before I leave.

What should I buy

I fly to Columbia in 39 days for butt implants and lipo of lower back. Any advice on what I should bring with and buy would be greatly appreciated.. Want to get it all taken care of and order whatever from online before it's too late.

Gaining weight

I am going in 34 days!
I was thinking and looking a other reviews some girls try gaining weight for bbl. I'm only getting lipo for lower back with implants so the implants can handled projection I want and the lipo is all for my hips.. What hips? Ya I want some! lol I am very thin but my weight seems to only carry in the back even when I work out and everything is is toned there it is in the back still.
I have tried gaining weight before off and on I order apetimen in the past and it works I would eat like crazy! I just have a hard time sticking to things. I have half a bottle from the past and some pill version. I'm going to start it again, I took some last night ( it makes you sleepy so I take it before bed) and i'm hoping I will gain a bit of weight everywhere but mainly in my love handles for the lipo. It wouldn't hurt to have some extra since a lot of the girls say not all of the fat transfer lasts.
Does anyone else have advice on gaining weight?
I just weighed myself I am 122 right now. I want to be 130-135.

32 days

32 days flight .. 34 surgery ! Omg!
That's not far a lot .. I remember being 3 months away went by fast.. I'm SO EXCITED. At first my boyfriend wasn't happy about it but now he is and that really helps me with wanting to go. Going to buy a new suitcase today.
I have the pee thing so far and the booty buddy bbl pillow thing is on the way.
My boyfriend already always say yes to me and is so good to me but when I have an ass I wonder how things will change lol!!! He will be so obsessed about it cause he is an ass guy. I have fake boobs but no one does ass implants where I live in Canada or else I would have got that first.
The anxiety I was having is kinda gone now because I'm getting prepared with everything I need so that helps. I'm too excited I just think of any wish pics being me ahhhh
I even order some cute clothes from fashionnova an can't wait to wear when I'm healed. I know the long flights, surgery, recovery process, coming home an still having to take it easy, the waiting will all be worth it when I wear lululemon or a dress an guys are looking at me like omg. Like I get that feeling going to the club or something but I know it can be magnified by like 100x with an ass. It will be so great . I said ass will be my last surgery until kids but I was thinking about getting my nose done for the 3rd time by dr.ghavami lol!! I think he's super expensive but his results are amazing the only person who has every post op pic really beautiful not just a hit and miss like most surgeons. I just want my nose a bit thinner that's all. Anyways just rambling here.. I don't have anyone to talk to my surgery about.. I don't have too many friends lol so the only person that knows is my boyfriend he doesn't really get it tho I just explain things to him but idk he's a guy an says you better have a fat ass! Haha
I don't want to tell my mom cause she will be super worried for me since I'm going in Columbia to do it. Here some more wish pics to keep me positive !


I am thinking about adding rhinoplasty and buccal surgery to my butt implants/lipo!
I asked Mejia he said 3,860$ for those two together and that is Canadian, if I was living in the us would be a lot cheaper for me. I think I will pay for it myself ( AKA increase my credit limit and put it on there LOL) and not ask my bf because he already paid for flights and recovery home and he's paying for the butt implants n lipo. So thats around $10,000 already ..lol love u babe !
So total surgery cost would be $8,900 Canadian for the 4 procedures. I am going to ask my bf what he thinks of me getting my nose done, say its just 2,000$ and I will pay for it myself and see what he says. If says ok I will do it. The reason I want his ok for the nose cause I know he thinks a lot of plastic surgery is bad and he will be like scared.. I won't mention the buccal to him.. for that reason he wouldn't understand. Guys can look at a girl that has had every surgery in the world done not knowingly and think the girl is so hot! but if I mention surgery to my bf he might think I'm being vain. I had my nose done and boobs he paid for both. My nose is 100% better then it was but I feel like Canadian surgeons don't go to extreme on anything. I just want my nose a bit thinner not a big deal. I hope my bf doesn't go against it. But dr mejia said to let him know as soon as I can so the OR time doesn't get booked up.

Iv Therapy

Getting iv vitamin therapy today so I can have optimum health for my surgery !!

Stupid pillow

I got the bbl butt pillow
OMG IT sucks! My butt still touches the chair and I have a small butt right now! Ughhhh the only way I can see this working is with something propping my lower back too. I know the plane ride home will be super fun!! It's like 16hours total with 3 layovers .. so fun! Lol

17 days..

Surgery in 17 days.. flight in 15...
more wish pics to keep my positive butt vibes alive and the universe (mejia) will deliver them to me lol!
A lot of these looks like atleast 500cc I wonder if that could be a possibility for me when he sees me in person.. I am not going less than 430 that's forsure.
I feel like so ugly when I take my current pic ahhh I can't wait to be my photoshopped pic!! I didn't think my but was that bad until I see how better it can be lol! My legs are skinny now but when I workout and healed I will get better stomach and legs

9 day..

flight 7 day , surgery 9 days! Omg!!!!! So surreal!!
I feel like my wish pics look more like a 500cc but maybe since I am adding lipo even if I get 430 it looks similar. Can't wait to have hips and booty! I'm so excited! Anything else I need to get let me know asap. I can't believe how small my butt is lol. My edits are perfect I'm not a professional sorry lol.
I keep dreaming about once I am home and I get to go shopping with my new bum and I won't put everything I try on back because I feel insecure how it shows my small butt with no curves.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day my realself lovers haha
Hope everyone has a great day

Counting the days ..

It's afternoon Thursday .... I leave 10pm Sunday ...... surgery on Wednesday. These last couple days I feel like I am living in a dream world and is this really going to happen.. should I cancel, pretend I'm too sick to go.. I try getting my boyfriend to talk me out of going and saying what if I turn out bad. He says every time I look at you for months you have been on your phone researching this surgery and the surgeon so if after all that time you go to a bad surgeon you are a retard. Hahahha
It's just my nerves and I have a lot of anxiety to leave my boyfriend. If I was single I wouldn't care about leaving.
I am going.. for sure. I just can't believe it still lol. It's weird wanting something so long and than it happening. I love the feeling! Once I am landed in Columbia, I know I will be so happy.
The flight is going to be so annoying. Hopefully I can sleep. It's going to be a 19 hr travel there flights and layovers included..

At the airport...

Hey.. this is so surreal I'm at the airport.. 1 hr till my flight.. I can't believe I'm actually going thru with this. My boyfriend is the best and being so supportive. I'm all alone an only have told my bf and my cousin I'm going to do this lol
I was so scared on the ride here like I just don't believe it at all I can't believe I'm actually here going to leave soon! I have to fly to Toronto then bogota then Medellin.. long day will be Medellin 5pm tmro it's 9pm my time right now. I found out on Netflix you can download shows when you have wifi and watch them when u don't have wifi soo going to catch up on some series.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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