Radiesse Horror Experience - Hawaii

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It was injected into my cheek. The area turned...

It was injected into my cheek. The area turned WHITE, then started PULSATING, then turned beet RED and the look on my doctor's face freaked me out. She called the Radiesse people immediately and was told to give me 2 aspirins, a topical ointment and hot compresses and had to inject something into me to cancel out the Radiesse. I was lucky I did not die of a stroke or heart attack (I had to sign a waiver that this could happen if it was injected into an artery.(but she assured me that she never had a problem before and seemed confident in administering the filler) She thought she compressed an artery or a blood vessel but didn't seem to know for sure and told me to go to Emergency if things took a turn for the worse and that I had to be on the lookout for a ONE WEEK PERIOD!. She offered not to charge me but I was in her office for over 3 hours and she had to cancel the next 2 appointments in order to take care of me so I paid the $520. because she did everything to help and I didn't think she should suffer financially; she seemed more freaked out than me and even started crying at some point. The problem is that the filler did not work and I don't know if this is because of the injection I was given to "cancel the Radiesse" or if one syringe just wasn't enough for me. And now I'm worried that I'm just not a candidate for anything injected into my cheek area. Is Juvederm Plus just as dangerous? I tried Restalyne from someone else and it did nothing for me.

OMG! I've just now started researching and reading...

OMG! I've just now started researching and reading what others have experienced with Radiesse and I feel so fortunate that I didn't suffer disfigurement, pain, migration, blindness, lumps, redness and permanent swelling like so many others have! This should be taken off the market. This product should not be approved as it is considered to be an MEDICAL IMPLANT!

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She offered a special on Botox which I bought and then decided to also get Radiesse as well.

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