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I am a fitness competitor who recently was...

I am a fitness competitor who recently was diagnosed with cancer and had to be treated for that… I'm also 50 years old so laying around for six months caused a lot of fat to accumulate around my waist and back basically having a muffin top after the doctor gave me the OK after my cancer surgery to start working out I noticed I was having a hard time getting it off and I just wanted to be back where I could start building muscle again not just burning fat. So I thought I'd give myself a jumpstart I researched what was the best options and who would be the best doctor and I chose doctor Setty.
My first appointment I already knew I made a good decision the front desk was amazing and Dr. Setty he is very calming and explains everything .. Let me tell you this he's very honest about everything he doesn't tell you it's not going to be painful he doesn't tell you he can do something he cannot do ..I love that.
he got me in right away
So let me start with this is only day one after my surgery so I will keep you updated but right now I'll tell you about the surgery itself. And yes let's just say it is surgery

When you first get there you'll take your medication that makes you a little loopy they mark you out exactly where they're going to work on you can talk to him if you think you have something else that they're not marking.
Then he marks where he's going to do the incisions and he numbs them with a local anesthetic. Then they take you into the LIPO room I'll call it.
I did not want to watch so I close my eyes and they gave me these glasses first they stick something in those numbed holes that has numbing liquid in it and also breaks lose the fat from the muscle. It feels like you're getting pumped up like a balloon and there was occasional spots where it was a pinch or a little painful but it went away right away . After that's done then they stick the laser in that I guess melts the fat in the same spots that they had just stuck the liquid. They take that out and then they stick in the thing that sucks the fat out which is vibrating some people say it makes them laugh or giggle because it's ticklish for me it was not and there was occasional spots it was somewhat uncomfortable and he had to stop and move onto another spot and go back to it especially around my belly button and upper torso ... But he listens to you and your awake during the procedure which I thought was going to be weird but I just didn't look at anything. Once you're done they wrap you up in a foam and ace wrap iwith pads over the parts that they did not stitch up and use as drainage points ..they stitched up some of the holes they did about eight and left four open at the bottom for drainage and let me tell you it does drain ..
things I suggest you get before you go in arnica for bruising and start taking it early and get some maxipads you'll need them. The first night I was still drugged up so I didn't really feel any pain and I tried to lay down and then get up and walk around a little bit to keep things flowing. You need somebody to drive you home your too loopy . After about an hour I had to change the pads where the holes were from the procedure and they were full of drainage and then I did that several times throughout the night.
I took a pain pill so I could go to sleep and not feel anything while sleeping

Today I woke up I feel like when I had a hard workout and my abs are so sore you can barely move.. I don't know how people say they can go to work next day ,but I took a pain pill and now I'm moving around. Today was my birthday and I thought that we would go out to dinner I'm glad I have canceled that prior because I think today I just want to walk around ,lay around. I feel better when I'm standing up then sitting down ... So that's all for now I'll keep you posted ..daily

I also will do before and after pics as I go along..

Before pics

Right before and after

Day 3 update

I day 3 looks bad but dr assures me this is normal and it is swollen and will get even ..still sore getting up ,down and bending over but other then that cooked and did laundry..
Now wearing girdle 23.5 hours a day and only off to take showers ...

Day 7

So swollen still ..can not fit an any of my clothes pre smartlipo... However I do see a slight difference in the balls that I had so maybe the swelling is going down I went in for Lipis's attic massage twice and I love it it makes me feel so much better after and get that swelling out the worst part is now I'm going to be traveling so I picked up a pair of long spanks to cover my legs all the way up to my bra line and help the swelling doesn't get bad again will update you in another week here's the pictures of day seven .. Still have some pain where the hematomas are especially on my side but the pain on my stomach is gone

2 weeks post

OK I'm now two weeks post not so much pain able to sleep very good at night but the corset sucks. Very hot during the summer but I wear it continuously unless I take a shower my only concern at this point is there's a bolds right above my belly button that seems to be weird but it may be swelling and I'm still waiting. One more week and I will go back for lymphedema massage and see if that helps .. Still cannot say yes or no for slim lipo yet I do see that some of the fat is gone but I hope it's not an even

No so happy with results

wanted to give it several months to see what happens but very lumpy... like some fat is out and some is not...been dieting and it is just getting worse visibility wise..kind of wish I did not do it...
The doc is awesome ...he said he can try and put some fat back in spots or do revision but do not know if I want to be out of working out again for 4 weeks...may opt for it later...
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Love him what a great guy informative..and truthful

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