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I'm a guy who believes in a holistic balance of...

I'm a guy who believes in a holistic balance of mind, body, and soul - believe that the body is the temple for the Holy Spirit; so, I want to take care of myself. I'm not a health food nut, but do eat in heatlh-focused moderation - stay low in sugars and carbs, never over 2,000 calories per day. I have worked out regularly for the last 20+ years; the last 18 months every day (both cardio and weights). Included in this regular workout routine was 3,000 abdominal crunches per week. After all that discipline and regimen, I still had upper and lower abdominal body fat. So I finally got frustrated and started exploring lipo solutions.

I've never felt comfortable with a regular liposuction procedure - felt it would be too invasive. Then I started reading about tumescent lipo. Much less invasive. In my online research I stumbled upon an ad from a Dr. Naveen Setty, which included a testimonial from a recent male patient. Interesting - one of the few discussions about male lipo; so I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Setty at his McKinney/TX office.

Dr. Setty is a very professional man with a calming demeanor. He carefully explained something called SmartLipo Triplex - a laser-assisted, minimally-invasive procedure that only requires local anesthesia (as opposed to knocked out general anesthesia). The benefits for this method sounded like the way to go. I was also attracted to the fact that I would be able to return to work in a very short period of time (I didn't really want to use up my vacation time for what would be a covert operation to my co-workers and friends). I was also quoted what I felt to be a fair price as well,

The procedure was scheduled for Friday, January 31st; started around 8:30am. It's important to arrange for transportation to and from the doctor's office on the day of procedure. The following is my subjective review of the procedure (your results may vary based upon your pain tolerance) >>
* Started with taking 4 pills - diazepam (generic valium to relax), promethazine (for nausea), hydrocodon (for pain), and cephalexin (antibiotic)
* 4 mini-stings at 4 incision points around circumference of abdomen (less than flu shot sting)
* No pain whatsoever with cannula filling my abdominal area with the solution
* During the removing-fat stage, no pain but could feel suction; it just feels like there's a vacuum cleaner going through your abs
* Done by 11:17am; I leaned over and saw the bloody solution and fat that had been removed sitting in a container next to where I had been laying
* I felt no discomfort whatsoever during the entire procedure, was fully awake and speaking to Dr. Setty and the nurse Courtney (both always on top of things and very attentive)
* A hard rubber-like brace was placed in front of my abs and then wrapped tightly with gauze bandage wrap. I was advised that there would be most likely lots of drainage for the first 24-36 hours after the procedure.
* My arranged transportation drove me home - I was feeling calm, slightly sore, but fully awake. \
* Important to drink lots of fluids, especially electrolytes water (I found Vitamin Water Zero XXX to be not only very tasty but with < 1g of sugar)
* I recommend buying Assurance boxers for Men and putting one on before leaving the doctor's office - $10 for a package of 12 at Walmart; first time wearing adult diapers(!) but what a necessity - I started leaking out of those 4 incision points almost immediately on the ride back home (they have Assurance boxers for Women too)
* I recommend buying super-absorbent underpads (36" x 36") for your bed mattress - Amazon sells a package of 10 for $10; also for the first week after the procedure use sheets that you won't mind if they get soiled (didn't happen for me but I was told of the possibility)
* I recommend buying LOTS of guaze sponge pads (4" x 4" works well); you'll be replacing these a lot as they get soaked from the leaking fluids the first couple of days after the procedure; maybe also some latex gloves if you just want to keep things sterile and clean
* So the first 60 hours after the procedure I recommend just getting as much rest as you can. I purposely scheduled my procedure (taking one day off work) for a Friday morning, so that I could have the remainder of that Friday + the whole weekend to rest. Because you will be purposely drinking lots of fluids (to replenish the fluids lost during the procedure), the first 60 hours will literally be drink fluids, rest, go to the bathroom, change dressing from leakage, drink fluids, rest, go to bathroom, change dressing, drink fluids, rest, go to the bathroom change dressing, etc. Not a big deal; no pain, maybe a little sore in the abs area throughout.
* Returned Monday morning to Dr. Setty's office. Dr. Setty wanted to see how I was doing and to also remove the brace wrap-up. I was glad to have this removed because there were gauze pads deep inside under the brace that had remained there throughout the weekend (couldn't reach those to re-dress), so naturally they were starting to stink a bit. Dr. Setty said I could go home and take a shower now (oh yes, you cannot shower for the first 60 hours; so I was wiping my other body parts throughout the weekend with a warm wet towel - not a big deal)
* That first shower after the procedure WAS very welcome though!
* For a minimum of 2 weeks after the procedure you are advised NOT to do any exercise - this is good advice that I strongly recommend that you heed. Counter-intuitively, exercise for some reason INCREASES the swelling in the abs area.
* For the first 2 weeks after, I would say there definitely was swelling in the abs area.
* For the first 2 weeks, I would recommend wearing a Marena compression body brief (available at makemeheal.com; very good service and fast delivery); you'll need two of these - one to wear and one to hand wash and line dry; this compression brief will help with the swelling and the shaping of the affected abs area.
* As 2 weeks went by, and 3 weeks, and now - as I am typing this March 1st - it is exactly 4 weeks since my procedure, the swelling has gradually diminished. There is still some in the core upper abs and lower abs center areas, but I can tell that they are also diminishing as well. Dr. Setty stated that every person is different - based upon the elasticity of your skin and other factors - and the swelling may take 2-6 weeks to subside, and then 3-6 months for the full effects of the procedure to be realized.

I am very pleased with the results so far and feel that I have thus far received a GREAT return on my investment in ME. The fat that I couldn't remove myself through hard work, diet, and exercise is now gone. Thanks for reading this and I can only say - if you are seriously thinking about liposuction, then SmartLipo Triplex is the way to go; if you are anywhere near the McKinney (Dallas) area, Dr. Setty should be considered. God's blessings to you.

HIghly recommend Dr. Setty - excellent knowledge, steady hands, calm demeanor, no hard-sell, answered all questions, showed care and concern for my well-being His nurse Courtney was excellent as well.

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