I Want Butt Implants! Which Doctor Do You All Recommend? Mcallen, TX

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I had a tummy tuck about 2 months ago and I am now...

I had a tummy tuck about 2 months ago and I am now considering butt implants. I weigh 130 pounds and none of it is in my stomach. I know that I do not have enough fat for a BBL so I know that butt implants are my only option. I am thinking of getting round implants with about 470 cc's or so. The question is... Who really is the BUTT KING? I considered going to Dr. Cortes at first and then I started reading a lot of negative reviews about him. Then I found Dr. Stanton in California, which does not have negative reviews. I live in Texas so going to Houston would be better for me as it is much closer, but I do not want to go with someone who is careless. I am willing to travel all the way to California for a better doctor. I personally do not know who the better butt implant surgeon is, so I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!

Dr. Cortes Houston TX - Consultation Scheduled!

Hi everyone! I have finally scheduled a consultation with Dr. Cortes in Houston. It is in a couple of weeks! I'm excited to meet him and I want to make sure I ask the right questions about butt augmentation. Do you all know of any good questions to ask him? The only thing that scares me about him are the negative reviews about the staph infection and the lipo burns!!! :/ Do any of you know why these occur? Please share your comments!


Hello Ladies!!!
As of today I have had 3 online quotes from three different surgeons. I submitted the same pictures and descriptions for all three and now I just need to make a decision. I must say that I don't know how other ladies on here have had such great prices because all three offices quoted me higher rates compared to the ones I've seen on this website.

These quotes are for butt implants, lipo, and fat transfer to the hips/butt.

Dr. Ryan Stanton in Beverly Hills, California $15,500.
Dr. Cortes in Houson, TX $12,500.
Dr. Gongora in Rosarito, Mexico $9,500.

I think Dr. Stanton is out of the question because it is way too much for me.
With Dr. Cortes, I need to gain 10lbs.
Dr. Gongora's price is the best one AND it includes a 5 day stay at their clinic.

What do you ladies think? Have any of you all experienced these doctors? Which one do you think is the best for this procedure. Have you all heard any good or bad news from their practice on this procedure? Do you all know the difference between silicone rubber VS silicone gel implants? Please help me out!!! Thank You!!! :)
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