Removal of Skin Cancer Under Eye - Great Results! - Wellesley, MA

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WONDERFUL plastic surgeon. I had a basal cell skin...

WONDERFUL plastic surgeon. I had a basal cell skin cancer under my eye which required excision with a skin flap brought over from my nose (to prevent lower lid from pulling down). absolutely NO scar or evidence that I had anything done. I happen to work for a surgical service at another hospital and have seen post op patients for 25 yrs and can honestly say that the work my Dr did was better than I have ever seen on any patient!

Updated on April 5, 2010:

Had removal of skin cancer from just below eye.
Incredible surgical result.

despite complicated surgery requiring a piece of skin from the side of my nose to be moved to cover the defect you can not tell I had any surgery!

Providence Plastic Surgeon

see review above. OUTSTANDING surgeon/great results!

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