More Spider Veins After Schlerotherapy - Maryland, MD

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I had 4 schlerotherapy treatments for large veins...

I had 4 schlerotherapy treatments for large veins on both legs. I was diagnosed with venous insufficiency and i was suffering from pain, heaviness, and cramps. I also had few spider veins here and there. Nothing severe. The treatments were only to close large veins and not to treat the spider veins. I still hoped spider veins would dissapear or at least new one would not appear. Procedures worked well because i closed large veins. However, almost immediately after the treatment i started noticing new spider veins. It's been 5 months now since the treatment and spider veins tripled in number. I have more and more spider veins every day. I was never told that this could happen. Do not close your large veins because it will only speed up the process of making good veins go bad and will create more spider veins. Now that I think about it, when you close a vein you are left with fewer veins that have to handle the same amount of blood as before, which only puts more pressure in the veins and therefore make them break even quicker. I wish I never had that procedure done.

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