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I have 4 (5full term preg) very wonderful,...

I have 4 (5full term preg) very wonderful, beautiful children, 16,14,7,5... I have been waiting 15 years for a BA, and 5 for my TT. I nursed 3 of my 4, and had an emergency c-section with my last. I have stretchmarks up past my belly button, and have some skin that hangs a little over my c-section scar, my boobs have always been small, but now they sag some too, just want to be up & a little bit bigger to fill out a shirt/dress/bathingsuit comfortably... I have been exercising and getting very frusterated, until I went to a consult and all 4 dr's said the same thing... it's not going to change :(

so... here we are and now

I am anxious every way possible, and actually wish it were sooner to get it over with.
Praying that she has a cancellation :)

My family & friends are being very supportive with the exception of my husband...Not sure I have much to say about that :)... happy it is scheduled

Surgery has been moved up YAY!!! My preop is March...

Surgery has been moved up YAY!!! My preop is March 16th & my new surgery date is Mar-ch 29th!!! My husband has been better, not the most excited but easier to 'deal' with... things are falling into place!!

Becoming extremely nervous, considering what all...

Becoming extremely nervous, considering what all could go wrong, wondering if I should really do this! Also worried about the recovery AND It's a lot of money!
And he is 'pmsing' again, not speaking to me not sleeping, which is stressing me out even more, although I TRY not to let it get to me and I def don't let him know it gets to me... but it doesn't help me & my nerves... wish he was more understanding, and willing to be my friend through all of this...

Today is my pre-op, and I am on an emotional...

Today is my pre-op, and I am on an emotional roller coaster, and apparently so is my husband, think mine is due to my husbands, cause I was fine until he called with a bunch of questions. Now I am once again 2nd guessing my decision. This is such a full range of emotion, I can't wait for it to be done!

11 days to go

11 days to go

I DID IT!!! I did it, march 2011, sorry I haven't...

I DID IT!!! I did it, march 2011, sorry I haven't posted been a little busy with trying to deal with and save my marriage! My husband was VERY VERY supportive emotionally & physically while I was down recovering. Once I recovered and was able to do things on my own he quickly changed to a very unhappy, angry, man. He didn't like me, didn't like the way I looked, my boobs were too big, the scare was from hip to hip... he didn't want to see me in a bathing suit, he didn't want other men to see me in a bathing suit! It was INSANE!! in this very long dramatic year, he was diagnosed with diabetes & depression. Low & behold it was my fault!!! I caused his depression, I created his diabetes... funny how that works!! Anyway, things are slowly getting better. I have to say that at first I agreed the boobs seemed way too big, but since everything has dropped and relaxed, yes they are a little bigger than I asked for, I am getting used to the way I look and am mostly happy with the results. It is not so dramatic though... as my family can't tell I had anything done!!! Maybe in a bathing suit they will be able to tell, but not fully clothed. I don't look dramatically different as he likes to think/say!
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I liked Dr. Markmann and staff, Trish is the best!! However they neglect to tell you up front that you will have MANY follow ups, which isn't a problem normally except I am more than an hour away, it would of been nice to know that up front, as well as the additional costs, although optional, very helpful, such as the silicone for the scars, or the nipple covers for sensitivity. Overall, I do feel like my boobs are bigger than what I was asking for due to the type of lift we discussed, I would of opted for a full lift and had the scars for the smaller boobs... but what is done is done. Not like I have another 6K to have them changed!! :/ Overall I would def recommend Dr. Markmann, as long as you know what questions to ask, how often you will be going back, and make sure you are ok with having bigger boobs than requested.

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