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I'm 33 years old, I'm currently a 32HH (I think)...

I'm 33 years old, I'm currently a 32HH (I think) {32J are too lose, 32H are too tight, the 32HH is uncomfortable not sure if its cause its an old bra. :( I was debating about going to the bra store to get a new but thats a 45 min trip one way & last time I went the lady swear I was a 36G & wasted my time, ["I don't stock anything higher in a 32 band then a DD, why would anyone go bigger then that?" Honestly I never want to go back to that store again] so I decided to just throw on 2 sports bras on most days, either way I'm always uncomfortable and in pain). I would like to go down to a 32D/E, but I know the PS knows his job better then I do, he said he couldn't promise me a D/E but he will take off a lot of breast mass. I have wanted to get a reduction since 2000 (28DDD) but the PS & I decided it would be better for me to wait till I was older & had at least 2 kids.
My family & I have recently move, I decided it's the best time to get it done, we move in Feb, made the result for consult in Mar, got a consult in July, pre-op date 9/11/13 & surgery date 9/17/13.
I'm nervous as the weeks go by.

Less then 2 weeks!

Aniexty and nerve are increasing I know this is normal. My pre-op is still a week away. I looking for suggestions on items I need for post-op & any questions to ask during pre-op, I want to have a list to write things down, I will be going to pre-op by myself.
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