Horrified at First, Hopeful After Swelling Goes Down - Maryland

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First hour after procedure: I was horrified....

First hour after procedure: I was horrified. Between the swelling and novocaine, I was absolutely regretting what I had done to myself. I looked like a duck, couldn't close my lips all the way, I just looked awful. Now I'm about 2 hours in. Being able to move your lips as the novocaine wears off makes a big difference. I still have a few hours to go, but I like what I see a lot more. Looks way less drastic than it first did. It looks like it will settle into a subtle plumping. After having such a scare that first hour, I'd gladly settle for no effect and money wasted over a bad effect. Therefore, I give it a "not worth it", even though I'll probably end up satisfied with the results.

The morning after, I really like my lips....

The morning after, I really like my lips. They're full but not ducky or like sausages. I look like me, only with plumper lips. I still have my bow at the top, so it's very natural-looking. My doctor is a cautious sort, he doesn't like to send women out of his office with bee-stung lips. He stressed the importance of proportion and not having your upper lip bigger than the bottom.

My lips feel weird, not sure if that is going to go away. They're still a little tender. But I do like the results. Face looks more balanced and actually a bit thinner now.

No one has noticed my lips specifically, which is good - I didn't want to look like I'd had my lips done. I think I look better, but the kind of better you just can't put your finger on - which is exactly what I wanted.

I still have 1/4 syringe left at his office - and I'm guessing that when this wears off in 6 months or so, I will be back to reclaim my leftover syringe and have the procedure done again. Although this time I'll schedule a late-day appointment! Can't go back to work after having this done!

As for cost - it was $125 consult fee, and $500 for the actual product.

Rockville Plastic Surgeon

My doctor (who my husband has worked with before) likes subtle results, not over-the-top in-your-face work. With lips, he's a proponent of starting small and then going bigger after you've had a chance to really examine the results. And he has a good eye for what makes a balanced face.

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