Horrible Cheek Lift Midface lift by Dr Mark Richards - Bethesda, MD

Doctor & his assistant lie to you to make you...

Doctor & his assistant lie to you to make you pay them & then you're stuck. I spend a lot of time, energy and money but I got few minutes in person appointment with him. Obviously be doesn't care about patients. I got contacted by 3 people who said they've done this procedure with him & feel miserable but I couldn't find their reviews. My face is disfunctional, can't chew run, cry smile... They only want your money & don't care about your or what you want

face looks horrible, I look like plastic surgery failed

I'm pretty young and I should've looked like in my early twenties after surgery but now I look at least 45 yo plus dysfunctional face, mouth, nose & temples' muscle. I still remember things Dr & his assistant saying about what cheek lift can do for me, all lies to get me fly thousands of miles and spend savings to be left looking like a failed cheek midface lift. difference between looking ugly and bad plastic surgery is, everyone looks at you & people think it's your fault , coworkers talking behind your back ... but if ugly no one notice you

my review is the newest but not showing at the top? maybe because it's a negative reviews & realself doesn't like to show it

so title says it's a cheek lift/midface lift but in cheek lift reviews (best match) it shows after reviews from 7 years ago. other reviews are all in time order even positive review from fillers shows above mine. is this something realself does to hide negative reviews?

What you can expect from midface lift

No lift, muscular wide face. Women's cheeks are soft smooth but with this procedure cheeks look hard & folded in half. Look at pictures below. Since the day of surgery, I have horrible acne, oily skin. skin of my face & scalp peeling off so much. Still can't eat normal food, can't walk fast or Cry or smile. Can't put on makeup too because it doesn't sit on skin. The Worst, I need to wait a year till I can fix my face if fixable.

My face look like a big mass again

For whoever wants to do midface lift, at month my face & mouth still not functional. Doctor told me this procedure help my hollow lower eyelid & pulls sides of mouth gently, I don't see it at 2 months, it's hollow & droopy. he says wait more! Waiting will not lift my cheeks upwards, damn my saving is gone & I hate how I look plus I feel disabled. Plastic surgery when goes wrong, masses with everything in life, job relationship social life health.

I hate how my cheeks still droopy! Now even Close to recovered at 2 months

One doctor said to me, my cheeks are not lifted bc droopiness doesn't happen in the plane used for lifting. Some another doc said midface lift ruined the balance exists between eyebrows, nose mouth. Patients say, long Recovery(year or more) or nerve/tissue damage. Another doctor said that they can't lift cheeks high in subperiosteal midface because of high possibility of looking unnatural and deformity so basically this procedure does little or nothing or make things even worse.

Uneven droopy upper lips and cheeks

I wish I could turn back the time. So frustrated about what happened to me. Can't believe doctor can do a botched job, collect money and sit back like nothing is wrong. I wish someone reads this and think twice or three times before committing to anything

Asymmetric lips and cheeks, droopy cheeks and pain

Dr Richards didn't lift my cheeks but pull them to the side so I look more weird and abnormal with wide face. So that my cheeks still be droopy as before! Asymmetric lip due to nerve damage I guess, don't know how else my lips look like this after surgery. And they say in my face I should get fat graft to fix asymmetric cheeks. I have extremly painful face and feel disabled as I can't even smile or run! Hurts so much and Dr Richards says, it is just as expected, how come it wasn't expected to be this before surgery. I was told I could be back work in a week and I see result right away, I did see horrible Results right away

Hard horizontal cheek and droopy assymetric lips

I can't believe i paid someone to do this to me. Recovery is slow and cheek are hard and painful. I still can't chew or run or dance... I can but it hurts and feels very bad cheek and temples. My face is so big and shapless, I suffered ftom sever acne thinning and losing a lot of hair from surgery and stress

At 3 month, I look like a big square. Assymetric upper lips and cheeks

Hate it, wish I never saw his damn website and doctor doesn't want even to admit it. Now he's saying wait till 6 months face look better or your lips might get symmetric or might not! What a joke and he said I never lifted your cheeks skin, so what I paid him for? My soft tissue over cheeks is droopy!

Learnt the hard way

ppl need to know plastic surgery is something serious and bad results are sometimes permanent. Humiliation of bad plastic surgery is far worse than natural aging or weight loss issues.

Almost 4 months post surgery. Droopy square face

I still think a long way to recovery and very upset about what I did. Doctor spent 10 minutes in person with me before surgery and here's the result. Looking for a doctor to redo it which cost a lot of money, time and energy. Can't forgive myself

4 month post up, looking for a doctor to fix this

Doctor doesn't reply to my emails

Doctor's assistant said that I look good! And I said if it looks good to you then hopefully happens to you and she got quiet all of the sudde.

Sever pain, pulling sensation, asymmetry and droopy upper lip

Can't live like this, I wanted to do a normal cheek lift didn't know doctor is going down to my bones. My doctor and his assistant lied to me. Very simple.
When I suffer during holidays, he's having fun with my money, hate this system

Pain, hard face, unnatural disfigured and lost money to doctor's greed and lies

How could I be this naive to trust him and his assistant. They lie into my face after surgery that they said we told you you might look deformed and suffer from pai and swelling for a long time. They said they told me i might end up with permanent damage to my tissue and nerves ... Hoe these ppl can be doctors or nurses and operate on ppl! Spoke with two patients of him who had the sane story as mine

Doctor and his assistant can't stop lying

I have proof of what I asked forand a lot of other things but just wanted to know how honest Dr Richards and his assistant are, on multiple occasions they lied to me right into my face. This is scam.

Stiff tissue and sever pain. This doctor is scam

Pain, Disfigured and empty bank account. So much Time and energy wasted because 2 people decided they can lie and get away with it

Cheeks hard like a rock, wide droopy cheeks

More than 6 months post op, I still have a lot of pain. Can't hide from people staring. I was contacted by few other patients of him who had similar experience but I don't understand why they didn't put some reviews online so I wouldn't end up like this. Spoke with many doctors and no luck of redo this because of so much scar tissue. His other patients also ended up with permanent problems.

Wrong procedure for a big cost

I asked Dr Richards and his assistant Laura, exactly for skin removal after sudden weight gain/loss in midsection of my face and they said this procedure can do a lot for me and it can help with jowels considering I'm still very young hadn't much of jowel yet. I am not a surgeon to know what procedure by name so I trust them but I showed them exactly for a superficial skin tightening. When I woke up after procedure, I was shocked and asked the nurse if they mistaken me for another patientand she said I had a cheek implant! I asked the doctor for my report and he wrote patient requested projection on cheeks (already had big cheek bone and his assistant asked my preop if I had cheek implant)

Anyone out there had a successfully sued or revision a bad midface lift .

Please help me find a doctor that can redo this. I'm getting crazy, from pain after 7 months and looking abnormal. Can't handle people staring at me anymore.

I look years older and disfigured hexagonal face.

my smile is ruined by Dr Mark Richards of Bethesda

Mark Richards lied a report made after surgery that I asked for another thing rather than my initial request!

My pics don't show my pain, discomfort and deformed/abnormal facial movements. His bad reviews keep disappeareding from other websites, you can't trust anything anymore. This review is for warning people who are new to these stuff, just like me when I met Dr mark Richards and was an easy target.

Don't trust anyone even positive reviews because most likely are fake and paid customer

You can be a butcher, steal people's money, lie to them and gamble with their life and health and call yourself Dr Mark Richards

My nose has issues after this surgery, Mark Richards ruined on everything I liked in my face

Now that swelling is gone more and more problems showing up. It really hurts when I remember them lying to me preop just to get me under knife, I did nothing to them, Mark Richards and his assistant Laura Coleman are liars and butchers. Been contacted by others whose face and life is ruined by them and now me,... Hope what they did to me happens to them

He never took time to see what I want or what should be done for my face. Whatever he and his Assistant said about what this surgery can do or recovery was a lie.

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