1 Week Post-op, Uneven 240cc, 5'1" 105lbs - Maryland

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I had my breast augmentation about a week ago and...

I had my breast augmentation about a week ago and I was initially happy with what I came out with. Until 2 days after I removed my surgical garment and replaced it with my sports bra. I noticed that my right breast is not as full at the crease as my left. I could also tell they are uneven because it wasn't filling the bottom part of my sports bra like my left breast does. My right was a little smaller pre-op and was very precise about fixing the uneveness.

I decided to have 240cc saline mod profile on my left and let the PS use his judgement on my right. I never asked how much he put on my right breast but will definitely ask on my 2-week post op. My left breast is just how I want them to be but still a little tender when touched. My right breast seems a little wider also at the top, a little higher, but much softer than my left. BA didnt recommend any massages until I see him next time.

Is it too early to tell if I have uneven breast implants and being paranoid about it? Will my right breast drop over the course of time? Please advise.

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Though we had some miscommunication in the beginning and saw how disappointed I was, he right away put me on his priority list and rest assured I'll be happy when i come out of the surgery.

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