3 Procedures Later, a Bad Hairline and Inadequate Coverage

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I wish I hadn't done it... I fell for the...

I wish I hadn't done it... I fell for the advertising -- big mistake. My head screams "TRANSPLANT"; there's not much that's natural-looking about my appearance. A shaved head would be infinitely preferable, but that's not an option given the scars in my donor area. To be fair, there's a marginal difference between the state of things pre-procedure and where I am today, but given the gaps in coverage on my crown and on top and the faux hairline, there are hardly enough positives to justify the money spent. I had two full procedures at $6,000 each and a third procedure, for which I spent another $1,000, intended to give the hairline a more natural, irregular look. Given what I read about what some of these bandits charge, I suppose those are reasonable fees, comparatively speaking. But after nearly 3 years and roughly 4,000 follicular grafts, my appearance is not a lot better than it was at the outset. My advice: Don't do it. Man up. With hindsight, I think it's a lot easier (and more liberating) just to go bald than it is to obsess about one's hair. Save your $$$ for something of value.
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I think my surgeon is talented enough and I believe he's an ethical person. BUT... he and his staff don't really listen. From the day I walked in for my first consultation to the moment before the actual procedure while sitting in the surgical chair, I tried to make it clear that I wanted an irregular hairline -- one that would look as natural as possible. The result: a straight line across my forehead. I went back for a second procedure, in hopes of rectifying the problem, but there was no discernible difference in the outcome. Finally, tired of feeling conspicuous and uncomfortable in my own skin, I argued for a third procedure at no charge, specifically for hairline repairs. (I still had to pay operating room costs; I don't feel as if I really had an alternative.) Now, six months after that third session, I can see a precious few grafts sprouting up in areas where they should have been in the first place. But I can tell already that they won't be enough to make a real difference, and that I'm pretty much out of luck at this point.

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