7 Weeks After Lipo and No Results - Markham, ON

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It has been 7 weeks after my liposuction procedure...

It has been 7 weeks after my liposuction procedure and I have not noticed any change to my tummy area. I had my inner and outer thighs, abs, and flanks done. I can see a difference in my legs yet I see no difference with my tummy area. My measurements from before the procedure are the same as after the procedure. I was told that I would not lose much weight (actually did not lose any weight) yet I should see a reduction in inches which I'm not experiencing either. I am still wearing the same size clothing from before the procedure. After the procedure, my legs (front and back) were extremely bruised yet I did not have any bruising on my stomach area. Is this normal?? I thought by 7 weeks I should see some difference?? Should I be concerned?? Very dissatisfied with results! What can or should I do??

Round two

It has been three months after my liposuction and I have not seen any results. My surgeon is doing a touch up of my tump area again on Thursday Februay 11. Hope I see results this time. I have taken pictures this time and have also taken all my measurements. Fingers crossed.
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