275cc Natrelle Moderate Silicone Implants + Liposuction Inner-Outter Thighs, Inner knees, Abd/Hips/Flanks. 29, 5'3, 120lbs

Wasn't planning to write a review but I thought it...

Wasn't planning to write a review but I thought it may be helpful for others as this site was helpful for me. I'm scheduled for 2/23 for BA and Lipo. For my BA, I haven't decided on sizing yet since I'll be traveling there for surgery I haven't had the chance to try on any sizers yet. I am currently a 32a also petite at 5'3 so I don't want to be larger than a C. I liked Dr. Stoker's conservative approach and his recommendation for 250cc-275cc but nothing larger than 300cc on me. Going under the muscle and also still deciding whether to do a periareolar or inframmary incision. Scarring might be better with periareolar but I feel less anxiety about the inframmary (less invasive sounding I guess?). I'm also hoping to tone down my tree trunks doing lipo to inner/outer thighs, medial knees, hips & flanks. My thighs have always bothered me so I'm excited to see the results. Surgery is a scary thing so I'm trying to not freak myself out and just be excited. Heather and the rest of the crew at Dr. Stoker's office have been really great so I look forward to meeting everyone there (did my consultations via Skype). If I forgot to add anything else I make another post. For now, I have to get ready to stock up on what I need for after surgery, getting my blood work done tomorrow (eek needles) and then basically a week to go. Wish me luck everyone and i'll try to stay posted with my progress.

More wish boobs



Surgery went well. Going in wasn't as scary as I thought partially I think because the anesthesiologist called me the night before (Monday night) and spent a good 10-15 minutes talking to me about what to expect and addressing all of my concerns. She recommended I take a Avitan that night and also one in the morning which I recommend everyone do because it really helped me relax and not think about much of anything. I went in at 10am the next morning (Tuesday), signed some consents, paid my remainder, decided to add on lipo to abdomen, changed in my garment and socks, Dr. Stoker took some pictures. Then I met with the anesthesiologist and she took me to the room around 11am. I remember laying down on the bed that was preheated and cozy and her asking me a few questions, saw her put the IV in, the mask went on and I was out. I remember waking up in recovery with the nurses just casually talking. All I can remember is trying to open my eyes and I just couldn't. I couldn't pry them open if I tried. So I just laid there calmly listening to conversation (which I appreciated rather than dead silence). When I finally started to open my eyes they helped me up into a wheelchair, my ride was called. I remember how painful it was getting in the wheelchair and the worst getting in the car and out when I got back to my hotel (not fun). I got in my hotel (around 3:15pm) took two percocet with a banana and some toast, (skipped the antibiotic since they already put that in the IV during surgery). The percocet kicked in almost immediately and I felt much better!
I stayed at a lovely hotel on the water and just sat on the balcony for the remainder of the day. I had a huge appetite so I ordered in some dinner and just watched the sunset. Dr. Stoker gave me a call that night as well to check up on me which was nice. I had read about how hard it was to sleep upright but fortunately I had no problems. I had 5 feather down pillows propped behind me, took an ativan and another two percocet and slept pretty well.

Wednesday, my first day post-op, I had my follow up appointment at 11am. I woke up feeling pretty OK, overall just sore and uncomfortable. I ordered in some breakfast to have with my percocets. I felt pretty ok but soon after eating I got nauseas and ended up puking up my $18 hotel breakfast probably along with my percocet and antibiotics :( . I surprisingly felt better after. I wanted to perk myself up so I felt good enough to put on a little makeup! When I went in the removed the lipo pads (drains) that were pretty soaked (gross) and I got to get a peek of my new boobies! Because I had lipo in areas like my inner thighs and abdomen my lady parts started to swell pretty bad but they assured me this is common and it would evenly subside. Same with my breasts, they were a bit sore so I got back to hotel and just iced away. Thank you April, Heather and Dr. Stoker (you guys have been great)!
Later that day, my friend decided to take me out since I was feeling pretty up for it and some light walking definitely feels good rather than lying in bed all day. So we went out to Venice, grabbed some coffee, walked a couple blocks and then I was pretty tired. Spend the rest of the day/evening just lounging. I completely forgot about this but while your own antibiotics you're supposed to stay out of the sun. I was drugged up on percocet, it was a beautiful day and I fell asleep in the sun. It was literally better than sleeping in bed- anyways I got a slight tan.

Thursday, post-op day 2-I woke up feeling pretty sore and the swelling had just quadrupled. I was also feeling down because I had a plane to catch at 1pm and didn't want to leave my hotel. I had no idea that post-op day 2 is the peak for swelling (otherwise I would've planned to stay longer). Looking back now, I should've listened to my gut and just paid to stay the extra day. I also decided to tone down the percocet of all days that day and took only one in the morning with the zofran (anti-nausea) just in case for in-flight purposes. Going to the airport I was so sore, getting in and out of the car was hell like but getting through the airport was a breeze. I had wheelchair assistance, passed right through security (private pat down screening and my shoes were just swab didn't even take off). I was wheeled to my gate and I was one of the first put on the plane. The flight was smooth but when you're feeling bloated, gassy, swollen, and sore the last place you wanna be is on a plane also the guy sitting next to me kept picking at his eyes(yes weird) and coughing (ugh). Fortunately, the flight was only one hour (los angeles to SF) and I was wheeled off to my awaiting uber. Let me just say this: There is no possible way I couldn't managed to go through the airport without this help traveling alone. I could barely lift my purse which was not heavy in the bit. I had only brought along that and small carry on shopper bag with my clothes....etc. I tried picking it up once and literally almost died.
So I arrived in SF at 2pm. I thought when I booked this time would be perfect and I'd miss all rush hour traffic trying to get from SFO to my home which is in the east bay. Now I had not only wished I had stayed at my hotel but also wish I'd booked my flight arriving late at night instead. It ended up taking 1.5 hours to get home stuck in an uber car in traffic feeling bloated, gassy, swollen, sore and now I had to pee! It was not a fun day I was so happy to be home. Thursday night was rough, I still decided to take only 1 percocet, 1 ativan and of course my antibiotics.

Friday, post-op day 3- I woke up sore and the swelling was still pretty bad. My lady parts looked alien like and I chose to just not look because I knew this was temporary and didn't want to freak myself out. The hardest part is getting in and out of bed trying to just use your abs. I started to realize that Lipo recovery is way worse then a breast aug. I had a sore pain coming from one of sutured sites on the back of my upper thigh just below the butt. It felt like a stitch ripped open or something. I managed to remove my compression garment to look and it looked the suture was still in place but the skin still slightly detached-looked red and inflamed. I called the dr office and I figured because of the location probably from getting in and out of bed or any bending which make this area prone and they said it's common. So I was advised to just put some antibiotic ointment and decided to put a thick padded bandage on top which helped relive some pain/soreness. Breasts still felt sore but to be honest I hadn't really looked at them yet- I changed out of the surgical bra and put on my zip up sports bra which felt a little looser and put some padding on the seam to protect my suture site.
TMI- but I had also been pretty backed up since being on all these meds so I decided to take a ducolax. I'm so glad I only took one because it ended up really messing with my stomach. I had horrible stomach pains for the rest of day but I finally did have some relief. The pain didn't go away after though so I didn't take anymore of those. Fortunately though I think that's all I needed because I had been toning down on the percocet and ate more dried prunes and my favorite dates. I was going to buy that smooth move tea everyone talks about but I knew I'd be wasting my money since the taste would be horrible probably making me nauseas. I suggest everyone to buy dates. They taste good and then will most certainly make you go with no problem- otherwise if you can tolerate the prunes go with those too. You could also try green tea. I completely forgot to mention that I was also taking arnica this whole time to help with bruising swelling. It's tasteless and homeopathic so why not give it a try.

Saturday, post-op day 4- Same just sore and swollen spent the day lounging eating bananas, dates, some toast, tea and a light dinner. I went for walk around my apartment for about 20 minutes talking to my mom (no I did not tell anyone) and it felt so good to walk around a bit plus it was a beautiful night. It also helped me go to the bathroom which I've had no problem with since yesterday.

Sunday, post-op day 5- my favorite day yet..why? Not only was I able to fully shower today but I felt good enough to wash my sheets and clean a little bit. Also because it was last day of antibiotics and that makes me mucho-happy! I took a nice bath, checked out the boobs-tried not to freak myself out but I feel like they're too big but I am assuming they are just still swollen. Otherwise, I'm probably one of the very few that wishes they had gone smaller---maybe 250cc instead if that would even make much of a difference? Anyway I hope this is just swelling. Washing my hair was the best feeling ever! No idea how I'm going to blow dry it but we shall see tomorrow if I'm up for it-worst case there's always the blow dry bar. I have no idea how all these women have been able to change into all of these sports bras. I had a hard enough time putting on my zip front one. Today, I tried to put one over my head-no way. I had to pull it up from the bottom (from my feet). Aah they look nice and so far Dr. Stoker did a great job but I feel like they're too big (talking to self: don't think too much they're just swollen!!)

Monday, post-op day 7- I plan to update this tomorrow (the day of), but it looks like I can remove my lipo sutures. I also plan to go out and about tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it. The tape under my breasts have dissolvable sutures- I can remove that tape on Friday. Plan to use Scar Away for under breasts and where the lipo sutures were. If that doesn't help after 3-4 months there's always laser.

For now that's it. More updates to come.

9 DAYS Post-Op and my boobs are so swollen look like double ds (if at least feel like it)

Yesterday was my 9th day post-op. I removed the suture strips from underneath my breasts. They told me it would be easier in the shower. Still hurt like hell and I was having thoughts like I was ripping open the suture. I didn't want to even look but I took some pictures after of the scars and my progress so far. 1. My boobs have tripled in swelling and not loving the size right now can't waited for them to go down. 2. My liposuction result is also a slow progress. The only difference I am seeing so far is my abdomen. My thighs look the same (so far). I am still wearing a compression garment 24/7 which isn't the most comfortable thing especially at night sleeping with it on. I am unable to sleep on my side yet due to boob pain and lipo pain. So right now, I'm liking them better in a bra then seeing them naked :( It just seems like as the days are progressing my boobs are swelling more. The hardest part is being patient because nothing is instant even with $$$$ you pay. Sometimes I wonder if my boobs need to breathe and I shouldn't be keeping them strapped into a compression bra and the breast strap 24/7 but supposedly it helps the swelling go down and plus mold them together and down nicely. Also after I removed the strips under my breasts yesterday I started with my silicone strips. I think those are better then the gel because my bra will be holding them in place for the most part as for the gel will just smear everywhere. I'm gonna keep those in place for one week and swap out new ones every week for 3 months to see how the scar fades. Here are my updated pics from yesterday.

Day 19- Almost three weeks post-op

Well...I know they could take up to three months to fall but them sitting high isn't my worry and of course the major side boob I've got going on right now- but again it's rather the size for me. I tried on a VS bra 32c and they were falling out of the bra--they are more like D's right now and look very circular-like two balloons strapped to my chest. I'm starting to think about a revision to make them smaller and how much that would cost me because it seems most women's swelling is down by week 3 and mostly are just still waiting for them to drop. Mine dropping over the next 2-3 months isn't going to change the size. I know everyone has their own personal tastes but I have no idea how some women go to 400ccs or larger! Here I was thinking 275cc would just be a subtle change and the doctor knew I didn't want the balloon, round fake look. I'll give it some more time :( It's weird because I'm not one to freak out. Also, my lipo results are still minimal. I really hope in a month or so I can come back on here and say I was just freaking out and that they went down in size. Here are my pics from today.

5 month update

Implants have settled in but seem to fall outwards especially when laying flat. The pocket may have been made too large and the implants fall outwards creating a hallow divot more prominent on the left breast. I emailed my PS because I'm concerned this might require a revision. Still waiting to hear back.


Spoke with my PS today. He acknowledged the imperfections and said he was more than willing to offer me a revision. He explained sometimes this can happen with the implants shifting and that either placing a textured implant or just going back in with the same smooth implants and just closing/tightening up the pockets would help. I'm nervous to do a revision for obvious reasons- it's another surgery, another recovery and things can always go wrong but I'm hoping Dr. Stoker will take good care of me as he did before and I can enjoy the new results. I'm going to wait a few more months, wear a tight compression bra even at night just to see if that may help lift them a bit, otherwise I may be looking to do the revision sometime in the Winter. I appreciate Dr. Stoker and his team's prompt communication in talking with me about this and offering a revision.
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