27. 2 kids. Anchor Lift/BA. 500cc HP Submuscular

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My first post probably going to ramble on haha....

My first post probably going to ramble on haha. Ive been looking at so many BA pics & reviews. I cant wait to get mine! I just turned 27 last week. I have 2 boys. 6 & 3 yr old. Breastfed both, a year each. Now my boobs are deflated and just sad. Im 5'5, 125lbs. Im in the gym 5-6 days a week so Im kinda sad that I wont be able to go for a while after my surgery. I had my consultation March 10th with Dr. Lintner. I really like him, good vibe from him, he knows what hes doing, great reviews, even my chiro said hes a great surgeon. Im trying to decide between 500 & 550ccs. Im going with a HP under muscle silicone implant. Ill also be getting the Benelli Lift. My PS said I dont need a full lift thank god. I want the fake look but not ridiculous. I dont want them too big. I currently wear a 32D...they might be smaller. Idk. I went from a perfect full 32C before I had kids, then up to 36DD maybe a DDD. Either way they were huge. Now Im back to my 32 but boobs are deflated

pre op April 13th

Im excited and anxious for my pre op. I still have a bunch of questions left for my PS. Im excited this surgery is finally happening. I had a consult scheduled for last Oct but I was in a serious car accident so boobs had to be put on hold but now the date is set, I paid my 10% to hold my surgery date. Its been so embarrassing having to constantly shove my boobs back into my bra because they fall out if I pretty much do anything. Having to find certain swimsuits that will keep them in...I know some of you can relate. Its the one thing I cant fix by working out. Believe me Ive tried haha.

Anxious for my pre op...so many questions

i cant wait for my pre op. I have so many questions.... Im nervous about the size implants im going with. Im trying to decide between 500/550cc. Im nervous if i go with 550 that ill have "fat girl boobs" lol. I had them when i was pregnant and nursing. So unattractive. I just want perfect round boobs!!! I dont want them so big that they squish together. My upper body is pretty small. I wear a 32D but Im probably a C. Has anyone felt like this or am i crazy??

Pre Op date changed to April 20th

Changed my pre op date to april 20th. It works better for me so I'll only have to bring one child to my appt. I had my pre op date for april 13th only because my husband would be home but things changed and he has to leave early for work :( sucks being alone in this state lol anyways I still have anxiety and I'm still anxious to talk to my PS about everything!

Friends on RealSelf?

Ok Im not sure if this is a stupid question but can you have "friends" on RealSelf? Lol Im so use to being on instagram or facebook i didnt know if you can have friends on here. I feel like so many of us are having similar procedures and kinda share a connection. Its always nice to talk with something who shares a similar story and we are all trying to achieve a goal of being extra beautiful. Does anyone feel the same? Lol

Pics of my sad sad boobies

Told my dad about my upcoming surgery lol

So my mom knows all about my surgery, she understand plus shes the kind of woman who doesnt judge. She loves me no matter what decisions in life haha.... Well my dad text me today (i dont see him much since he doesnt live in America) anyways he asked me whats new and I had to tell him. Im so excited plus its kinda big deal... I told him Im getting implants something ive been wanting since i had my kids. I wasnt sure what he will say bcuz he is typical Russian dad who questions and judges everything lol. Ill never forget when i was maybe 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby and he tells me Mila you look 6 months pregnant...haha it really wasnt that serious ???? i wasnt that big...anyways his response to my surgery was "im excited for you!! Not too big, you might cause car accident" ???????????????????? gotta love my dad.

Only a few more days til my Pre Op!!

Im very excited/anxious/uncertain at the moment. I have certain expectations how I want my boobs to look like after I have my BA/BL lol I cant wait to talk with my PS on Monday about my concerns. Im praying my boobs will turn out how I want them with the lift and implants I'm getting. Im still not sure about the size...I don't want to go over 500cc and I'm getting the donut lift. I hope that lift will give me the look I want. I know I can go with the lollipop lift but its SO much more money with may sound dumb but I really don't want to pay more. So I cant wait to talk with my PS. Im driving myself crazy looking at a million pics...some good some bad.

Donut Lift. Who had this done and how do you like your results?

Im kind of continuing from my last post. Ladies that have had or are getting Donut Lift how do you feel about it? Pros/Cons? Happy with results or do you wish you had Lollipop Lift? Did/Do any of you have the same saggyness I have? Im about 5'5 125lbs, currently wearing a 32D VS bra I think Im a C tho...

Possibly thinking going with lollipop lift instead

So Ive been very torn between getting the donut lift or the lollipop lift. I want the best possible results. I feel like Im not going to get the results i want with the donut lift :( Im not afraid of the scar the lollipop lift leaves Im more nervous of how much more it will cost but I want this done right... I don't want to have to come back after months or even a couple years and have to get a lift bcuz this one wasn't the right choice in the first place. My pre op is 2 days away. I emailed the PC to ask about the cost. Im hoping she gets back to me before my appt just to be prepared for the possible extra cost....but I think it may be worth it. I also cant wait to talk to my PS and what he thinks. I just remember he kept saying "if you want voluptuous boobs the donut lift is the way to go, if you want perky the lollipop lift is right" ....I definitely want perky. I do t want to wear bra all the time lol

Pre Op Updates!!

I had my Pre Op this morning!! I feel so much better after this appt. Talked everything over with Dr. Lintner and his assistant? Not sure what her title is lol... He really wants to stick with the Donut Lift. He thinks he can get me great results. We also decided on between 400-500cc. I know its a big difference but Im open to what he thinks will look good. I showed him my wish pics and he seems confident with the results he can give me. He said they probably wont be as perky as some of the pics but thats ok at least he was honest. He understands what i want and will do whatever he can to make me super happy :) Im so excited and nervous haha. I filled all my prescriptions and now basically i just wait. Going to work hard at the gym the next 2 weeks since ill be stuck at home for he said like 4 weeks with exception of walking. So ill be going with 400-500cc, silicone, under the muscle, HP Mentor i think? Lol

9 days until surgery! :)

Im getting so excited my surgery is only 9 days away!! I feel like last week dragged on & hoping this week doesnt too.
I had a major meltdown yesterday. Its going on 3 weeks being home alone with my boys. My hubby has been away at work. I have no family in this state besides my sister so its lonely and stressful. Im looking forward to resting & not doing a thing after my surgery lol.
Only thing keeping me sane is my gym hahaha. Ive been working really hard so hoping my muscles stay during the time I cant workout.
Taking 6 weeks off of my normal workouts will be good for me tho because I have Bursitis in both shoulders :'( . Hurts so bad. Constant pain. One shoulder is because of my car accident & the other is for compensating for injured shoulder. Lol cant win.
So nothing new just waiting. I havent purchased any bras or anything special yet since Im not sure what size i will be.

1 week til surgery!!

One week!! Omg getting so excited! Pretty much just waiting now. Ill clean, grocery shop & get everything together this weekend. I havent bought anything for after my surgery. I plan to shop for sports bras after...not sure what size ill be. I had my sister take my surgery day off so she can watch my boys. I have no other family here so kinda sucks but glad shes here!! Gonna get to the gym hopefully everyday til my surgery. Didnt go yesterday bcuz i had a massive migraine which i get every period :(( im so glad my period is now and not next week lol

Surgery TOMORROW!!!! =D

Omg its finally here!!! My friends & family have been texting/calling me...i think they're more excited then i am hahaha. Im not really nervous...yet. Im just gonna keep calm.
Im drinking lots of water today, skipping the gym since i just saw my chiro, I'm sore but really needed it. He wants me to come back on Friday while the anesthesia is still in my body so ill be more relaxed :)
Other then that just getting some last minute things done.
I wont be able to have any food or water after midnight tonight.
I check in for my surgery tomorrow at 12:15pm & surgery isnt til 2:15pm.
Ill try to post tomorrow :)
Good Luck to all the ladies having their surgeries tomorrow & congrats to the ladies that just had theirs!!! Xoxo

Today is the day!

I cant believe Today is the day for my new boobs!! Im so excited & nervous!!
I got no sleep lol & was my last night of tummy/side sleeping. Ill be leaving for the hospital in 3 hrs. Im showered, put my nausea patch in & I'm starving lmao. Like extra starving. Haha
Im trying to kill time... Watching Shahs of Sunset. Lol i love them...
Been getting a bunch of texts from friends & family...& people who just wanna be noisy.
Anyways ill update when i can!!! Thanks for the well wishes ladies!! Xoxo

Boob are here!!!

hi girls! I just got home a little over an hour ago. Im pretty sore, very outta it so if this msg is types weird thats why haha
PS ended up going with 500cc, HP silicone under the muscle. Everything went great. I cant wait to see them!
PS & his staff were making jokes right before i passed out. They were all so nice! Great experience so far :)
I was very nauseous when i finally woke up. Threw up in recovery & right when i got home. I was given anti nausea & pain meds before i left. My arms & legs were like noodles haha
I literary typing this with one eye open bahaha Thank god for spell check. I'm so sore & tired.
The whole process went really fast. PS was running ahead of time so that was awesome.
The staff said how my boobs are actually decent just a little sad lol i guess my nipple were in a great place so he said the results should be very similar to the pic i showed him.
So anyways i go into the operating room, we joked, they gave me the meds & next thing i know I'm in recovery!
Im not longer hungry lol couldn't keep down a cracker or drink :(
Of course I have itches everywhere lmao & can reach to scratch them.
I have to wear compression socks for the rest of the day only when im not moving i have to wear them.
Ok i cant even concentrate on typing. Im gonna rest :) thank you for well wishes again & hope they other ladies who got surgery today did awesome and look great!!

Here they are!

I just took off my bandages. Completely passed out when they came off lmao so embarrassing. They are pretty swollen and I'm super sore but glad I'm wearing my surgical bra now. Part of the bandage is stuck to my nipple so I'm gonna shower see if it'll come off.
I still have that weird rash on parts of my body. Dr. Lintners surgical asst called and said it could be the antibiotics. She said take benadryl and watch it overnight and tomorrow. If it doesn't clear up they'll give me new meds.
So now I'm back to relaxing and hoping my boobs arent TOO big haha

Day 2 Post Op

so far im loving my boobs! Im super sore and get light headed every time i take my bra off :( not sure why. Ill try to post a full pic soon. Pain killers are my bff right now lol i couldnt even lift my arms this morning. I took a pk maybe 30 min ago and holy shit its magical lol. But now im nodding off and tired haha.
Its insane....i gained 14lbs on the day of surgery. I know its all fluids and boo weight but wow i feel so huge. Anyone else gain a bunch of weight from surgery?? PS said it will all go away. So far ive lost 4lbs hahaha. My tummy looks like im pregnant.
Congrats to all the beautiful ladies on here! Im trying to keep up with all of you. If any of you want yiu can add me on facebook or instagram. I always live new friends!!
Facebook: Mila Blatova
Instagram: mila_mafia

The boobs =D

heres some boob pics. I will take pics of my full boobs soon. I keep having light headed issues when my bra comes off so just be patient with me lol.
Im laying down completely broken out in rash. Im calling my PS tomorrow to get new antibiotics bcuz i think thats the issue. I wanna rip my skin off its terrible. I also being the idiot i am haha moved my arm too fast and felt like i ripped a muscle in my side/back. Holy shit i wanted to cry!!!!!

Might delete my RealSelf account

i was just sent private messages from some guy "boobssmall" hitting on me and asking me to send him pics... I pretty irritated bcuz really im on a plastic surgery blog site and get harassed? No thank you. Has anyone else received messages from this person?
I wont be posting more pics if shit like this happens. Can women ever have anything private??? So annoying.

Decided to stay on RealSelf & Updates

so ive decided to stay :) RealSelf removed that creeps account. Its pretty sad how low some people will go but i shouldve known better. I removed all the pics with my face as well.
So some updates: Im still really sore but moving around a lot better. My rash is all over my body now. Its terrible. I called my PS office and they called in new antibiotics and meds to stop the rash. Omg its sooooo itchy and i cant scratch it!!!
My water weight is starting to go away. Im down 7lbs of the 14lbs i gained during surgery lol i think thats insane how a person can gain that much weight within a few hrs!!
Im just trying to be careful not move too fast. Im a mom of two so i have to remember i cant use my ninja reflexes until im healed lol
I learned my lesson moving to fast already. I thought i tore a muscle in my back. Holy fck!!!! The pain.

Hi my loves...anyone have this pain??

hey girls! I just wanna say i love all of my RS friends!! The support is amazing and im so glad i found this site even tho there's occasional creeper lmao. I hope all of you are healing and loving your results!!
So 2 days ago i moved my left arm too fast i guess and had this horrible tearing pain and yes i def screamed. Ever since then this spot is like the worst pain ive felt. Its probably 1-2 inches below my armpit kinda closer to my back. It once in a while feels like intense burning or im being cut open. Has anyone had this?

Happy Mothers Day & Update (pics)

happy mothers day to the beautiful mamas on here!!

Last update didnt post

so i typed a nice long thing and it didnt post :'(
Long story short my boobs feel like rocks are up in my armpits, very tight, sore and sometimes still painful.
I havent taken any pain meds or muscle relaxers today which idk if i should be off them yet?
I know other ladies feel the same way i do.
Ahh ive lost all but 3lbs of my hospital/fluid weight gain.
I also just discovered that my implants were put in thru my nipple. Lmao i feel so dumb. Like how didnt i know that?!! But its all good one less scar! Im very happy so far and cant wait til they drop and arent swollen

1 week old today!

Its been one week since i had my surgery!! Crazy how fast time goes! Im totally off pain meds, have been for a few days. Im still sore, they feel so tight and are up in my pits but i love them!!! Best choice i made. I have my Post Op appt tomorrow!
Ive been wearing a sports bra, it said in my papers i could wear one but still wearing my band below.
Ive lost all but 1lb of the weight from hospital lol. I do feel kinda bloated tho. Havent been able to go to bathroom much which is bothering me...might buy some stuff to help.
Ive been exhausted but bored. I wanna get out and do stuff but know i gotta relax. I was out this past weekend doing family stuff which hopefully wasnt a bad choice lol. Hope everyone is doing great!! Xo

Sad :(

Its 6am, ive been wide awake since 5:30 kinda having anxiety.

I had this feeling after i got my wisdom teeth out a few yrs ago too.
I feel sad. Im not sure why...
Im not sad about my boobs...SO happy with those its just like i dont feel "special" anymore. Remembering back a week ago everyone was so excited for me and going to the hospital was exciting and knowing ill have to be taken care of was a good feeling to me. Idk if i sound crazy or anyone else has felt like this?
I dont miss the pain of course but its like now im pretty much back to normal... Makes me sad

Post Op Appt

everything went great. I got my stitches and glue off. Yayyyy!! Really nothing exciting to tell i guess haha. Dr. Lintner showed me how to massage my boobs and told me NO working out for at least 4 weeks post. Lol he did say walking is perfectly fine so thats what ill do. Im kinda sad to probably see all my hard work go away but its worth it! Ill get back in the gym with no issues now. I have my next post op appt in 4 weeks :)
I will post new pics soon

Pics 9 days post

they look a little square but PS and myself are very happy with results!! He said they will round out and lift up. Works for me!!

Username Changed

hi girls. I changed my username. Wanna Be Blessed inspired to change it so weirdos, friends or family wont see my pics. Thanks hun!! So still on here just different name :)
Xo your favorite Russian ;)

On my own for 2 weeks

My hubby left for work tonight which means ill be home alone with my boys for 2 weeks. I told my 6yr old he will have to help me out with stuff around the house (even tho i feel fine and feel like i can do everything). I know i still have to relax a bit. I dont wanna mess anything up. My boys can be terrible of course like all siblings fight and now i cant get after them like i usually do so hopefully things go good haha.
Ive noticed my boobs are getting a little softer. They dont hurt as much anymore.
Im kinda sad lol i almost miss the tight tight look. I love the fake look. I know not everyone does. Mine really dont look fake at all :( but im not gonna complain im happy with the results i got with this implant size and BL.
Ive been getting WAY too many extra stares now lol its almost uncomfortable. Its so obvious all the guys looking at me and even women do lol....i guess i would if i saw a girl with fake boobs too hahaha.

Should I be worried or is this normal?

Ever since I took a shower 2 days ago my right boob feels different. Its almost like i can feel the implant. Im not exactly sure how to describe it.
Im right handed and thats my dominant arm so I'm not sure if thats why i feel so much more in that boob? The other boob feels similar if i push on it.
I definitely have more muscle on my right then my left.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Has anyone had this "issue"?
Not sure if I'm freaking out over nothing or if there could be a problem

2 weeks post op

Im a little over 2 weeks post op and dying to get back to lifting at the gym. I swear ive lost all my muscle lmao but everyone keeps telling me muscle memory is amazing...i hope so lol
I tried on swimsuit tops...nothing fits :,( just means ill have to shop! Hehe im pretty sure im currently a DD.
A woman at my gym stopped my the other day and asked if i had fake boobs lol she asked a million questions and kept saying how great i look... Ill take it!
I just cant wait to really workout again. I have a few trips planned this summer. Im hoping to visit my family in NY and then a wedding in Myrtle Beach so i need to get on my fitness game lol im feeling squishy right now bahahaha
Congrats to my girls in here who just had their surgeries! Hope everyone is healing nicely.

19 days post. Memorial Weekend

Pretty bored. Sitting at home doing nothing. I gave up and cleaned a lot of my house. I know my PS told me not to but I'm here alone and with 2 kids my house gets destroyed and dirty.
I havent been to the gym much. Only doing light cardio for now.
On Friday my 6 yr old got sick with something. I thought it was chickenpox at first but turned out to be "hand foot and mouth disease" never heard of it before. So just been taking care if him and trying to keep my 3 yr old away from him. Its very contagious i guess. It was just a crazy rash ALL over his body, no fever thank god. Hell be ok to first last week of school. :)
Boobs have been feeling good. Cant believe its almost 3wks since surgery!! Im kinda sad, i think they are dropping. I loved the high up look lol. They still look squarish to me and far apart. PS said they will round out and come in a bit. Well see what he says at my next appt.
I have a massive sore in my mouth caused by and running on my braces (another issue from pregnancy i wanted to fix, moved some teeth and wisdom teeth caused issues too, i had all of them removed 1.5 yrs ago) haha i feel like crying every time i talk lol.
Im counting down the days til i get to visit my family in NY! Cant wait!!!
Hope everyone is doing good and having a great weekend :))

3 weeks post

Im 3 weeks post. Can't believe how fast time is going BUT not fast enough lol i cant wait to get lifting weights again!! I have major road rage driving to the gym lol and lifting weights helps me get my anger out hahahaha. I did some light cardio today and went tanning :)
My kidney started hurting today :( I'm hoping this pain goes away. Ive had many kidney infections and UTI's :( I'm a mess. Just had a UTI in march so praying this isnt kidney infection. I cant take anymore antibiotics lol. Other then that boobs feel good. Been massaging them. I think ive dropped maybe getting more round...still kinda square and far apart. Im thinking thats just how my boobs are tho. When i was younger they were more wide.
Hope everyone is healing perfect!

Scar product suggestions?

I do tan once in a while. Im currently just covering myself so my scars don't darken.
Is there a product i can use while tanning to protect scars or is the best thing just to cover them?

Boob Greed is Real

yes it officially hit me lol boob greed. Don't get me wrong i LOVE my boobs and Dr. Lintner did a great job but i wish they were more fake looking lol yes fake. I wish they were higher up, a little more cleavage. They are pretty far apart but I'm thinking thats just how my boobs are naturally. I have a pic from when I'm 18 that i will post. Ull see what I'm talking about. But yea i wish my boobs were higher and more fake looking hahaha

5 weeks post tomorrow

Ive been out of town, missed my 4 week post op update hahaha but seriously where has time gone? Tomorrow will be 5 weeks since surgery. Im feeling great hoping at my appt on Wed that dr says i can get back to really working out. Ive lost my motivation and wanna get it back lol. I finally wore a very light padded bra and i LOVE how i look! I have old bras size 34D which fits good but i think 32DD will be better :) still need to bra shop. My PS sent me a gift card for a good bra shop here so ill check them out :)
Swimsuit shopping was fun until nothing fit lol i went into Victorias Secret and found one which is a large and throughout the day my boobs started to not fit :( its been hard to find a size that works. I need it to cover and not be too big around. Some of my old swimsuits fit ok so gonna wear those for now.
I went in a lake yesterday, hoping i was healed enough to go in lol its SO SO hot here and the water looked amazing hahaha. I still have some stitches that were missed because of glue haha im getting those out on Wed.
Nothing else new i dont think.
I hope everyone is doing well! I love all the updates...you girls are all looking amazing!!!

Update & pics

I had my 2nd post op appt on Wed. Everything looks good. I Have to massage my boobs a little different. They are still squarish and far apart. I had the rest of the stitches taken out thank god lol. Workout Update: still not allowed to lift weights. Pretty annoying. Im 5 weeks post op...i can do more intense cardio. I can also do some biceps/triceps with light weight. No upper body tho for another 2 weeks....

Update. Havent posted in a while

HI ladies! Omg haven't been on in forever.
Im not happy at all how my results have turned out so far. Im 9-10weeks post and I'm pretty upset. My boobs are really far apart, theres a ton of extra skin which PS said its no problem the implant will fill it out...I'm furious!! They are saggy and nothing how i wanted them. I told him i would get the full lift but he insisted on the donut lift....they also arent rounded out. At my last visit i saw the look on his face basically he knew they didn't look good...which doesn't make me feel good. I can't believe I'm that girl who is unhappy with boobs. I wanted the FAKE look and i told him that:...thats not what i have. I didn't go all these yrs with saggy boobs to pay that much money just to have bigger saggy boobs. Im so upset and want them fixed. I have my next appt July 29 and i will be telling PS how i feel

I hope the rest of you are happy and going great!!! Xo

Feeling lied to. Heres why

heres a video of the extra skin i still have but was told the implant 500cc would fill out all the skin and lift up my boobs and the donut lift was perfect, i didnt need a full lift. Now they are settled, saggy and im just embarrassed ...that was all a lie now i want this fixed.

Update from post op appt

I had my post op appt today. It went good. I told my PS my concerns and he totally understood. He said he really pushed for the benelli lift because he didnt want me to have all the scars. He did think the 500cc implants wouldve filled out my boobs better. He told me he wont do another surgery yet. He said i need to wait atleast another 3-4 months so the capsule can heal. He said he would really hate to see me with all the scars since mine right now look amazing and he said they are the best scar results hes gotten. So basically i have to wait and decide what i wanna do. I do think hes an amazing surgeon and i understand what he was saying about scars. I told him seeing the extra skin is a mental thing for me. I lived with saggy skin for so long that it brings back bad memories lol. So anyways i will just be living life and working out. I would love if working out would tighten the skin hahaha

6 month post op update :)

Hi my beautiful loves! Sorry been very mia since my last post op months ago. I was literally depressed about my boobs. I can't believe how bad it affected me :( Well today i had my very anticipated 6 month follow up. My ps was very understanding and sees why i want a full lift. I got a quote for surgery... $4,435 which a lot better then the $5k i was originally told and ps told me i will most likely get money back for surgery bcuz it should be easy surgery and they have to charge for more just incase which I understand. Now just have to talk witj hubby and figure out a date ???? ill be keeping my same implants. I love the size just hate extra skin and want them tight AF!! Haha

Update. Its been a while

Hi ladies! Its been a long time since ive been on here. I hope all of you are doing well and super happy with your results!!!
So nothing has changed with me. No revision yet. My husband changed jobs, cost of everything is insane, healthcare costs...i wont even go there lol
Anyways i have been so depressed and embarrassed over my boobs ive lost interest in everything. Everyone is like "why would you be depressed you have implants" "youre being dramatic" but no one understands. Trust me i do t want to feel like this. Embarrassed to be in a swimsuit, boobs still falling out of my bras because theres too much skin, back to wearing a sports bra over my bra to hold them in, feeling like the chubby girl i was after i had my kids. My boobs look exactly how they did after i had my kids. Its not a good feeling. Ive lost interest in working out, ive gained weight, i dont hang out with people anymore. I feel so ugly. Sorry ladies to come on here and complain. I just dont know who to talk to. Literally no know cares. I feel so alone :,(
Thank you for listen to me vent!
Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Hi ladies!! Its been a while but i have good news!!!

My revision is scheduled for November 4th!!! Im so excited words cant describe!! I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. Most of you know Ive had a pretty rough last year. I cant explain the depression i had. So many people thought i was being dramatic. I tried to put on a happy face but was hurting inside. I know some of you can relate.
My husband emailed my dr, Told him how bad this is affecting me and how we definitely were not planning on coming back a year later for another surgery. Dr. Lintner was understanding and revised the price for us. His staff has been amazing. Sabrina his patient coordinator is so sweet and helped with everything.
My pre op is October 28th. I will probably be asking Dr. Lintner a billion questions haha
Thank you to the girls who have checked in on me and offered so much support!!
I hope all of you are doing amazing

Pre Op

Hi ladies. I had my pre op appt today! Everything is paid in full, now just waiting for Nov 4th to come! My appt was pretty boring. The usual instructions, papers to sign, got my prescriptions and really thats it. I didnt get to talk to my Dr today, not sure why... I specifically scheduled my pre op for today so i could talk to him...not cool but trying to be positive. He better be prepared because i have many questions come surgery day!! Lol so thats all i have to update for now...i will post before and after pics

Surgery is done!!

First i just wanna say if any words are spelled wrong, its not that i speak bad english ???? my eyesight is blurry. This happened after my last surgery too.

So glad this surgery is over with haha. I was torturing myself by watching cooking shows lol
I got to the hospital at 10am. I think the surgery started about 12:15pm.
Dr. Lintner came in pre op room. Discussed everything with me and said what hell be doing in surgery.
The nurses and even Dr. Lintner commented on my hair lol how long it is. He also pointed out my natural hair color thats growing out haha he said its pretty and he never new i didnt naturally have dark hair. (My natural color is a dirty blonde)
Anyways they brought me back to OR, said theyll take good care of me and next thing i know im so n recovery ????
I kept same implants (500cc). I told him i want these boobs up to my neck lmao. He told my husband that he fixed the pocket they implants are in and then did the full lift.
Im literally praying they look great bahahha
So in recovery once again it was a huge struggle to wake up haha i also threw up a bunch but had nothing to throw up. Im in a good amount of pain, so pk's and relaxing for me.
Thank you to the girls who kept up with me!! I really means a lot!! I hope all of you are doing amazing!! Xoxo

2 days post op

Im 2 days post op and feeling better. Im still pretty sore. Im starting to stretch out my pain meds a little more. I called Dr. Lintner about the rash i had almost right after surgery. This happened to me last surgery. They thought it was a med im taking. Ive never had issues with any antibiotics besides Sulfa based meds. So not sure what it really is, its not pain meds. Ive taken oxycodone/percocet in the past for surgery and was fine. Right now my rash isnt bad. Seems to be going away. The Dr told me try benadryl over the weekend and if that doesnt help or i get worse call him asap.
I took my bandages off and so far i think im happy lol im still nervous they wont look any better but trying to stay positive.
My nipples are smaller :) so im happy about that. Im swollen and my belly looks 6 months pregnant from all the fluids hahaha heres a few pics for now

5 days post op (revision)

Im 5 days post op! Im still in pain. Not sure if thats normal. I have a intense burning pain in my left boob. The same thing happened with my first surgery bit in a different spot. Im guessing its the muscle being stretched and sewn a new way. Dr. Lintner corrected my pockets and brought my boobs closer together.
I have my post op appt tomorrow so gonna ask about the pain. Not sure if they are taking out my stitches. Ill update after my appt :)
But so far i think im happy!! Staying positive and getting away from my skeptical thinking. Heres some pics. Im bruised and still have some bloating in my belly...also have my period...???? fml haha

11 days post op

I had my post op appt last Thursday. Dr. Lintners..nurse?....surgical assistant? Not sure her title lol but her name is Rachael. Shes very sweet. She took care of me my first surgery :) anyways she took off all the glue on me early. She thought it was irritating my skin. I didnt notice anything but no big deal. That definitely didnt feel good lol
I think she also took out the stitches around my nipple. I still have all the stitches for my lift.
At post op i was told i can wear an underwire bra.
Well me wanting to listen to the Dr and do things right wore a bra... a small area opened up where the skin from the lift come together. I had drainage and it was pretty sore.
I contacted my Dr. They said im fine. I could put on a bandage just so the area doesnt get irritated. Also i can use and antibiotic ointment.
Im back in my sports bra and feel alot better. Im still bruised but think im healing well

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