500cc High Profile, Silicone desire for natural looking results. (breastfed 3 children)

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I have been pregnant or nursing for the past 8...

I have been pregnant or nursing for the past 8 years, when my youngest stopped breastfeeding - my breasts deflated past previous times! My sweet breasts have just disappeared. I had B's growing up, and went up to D's when nursing, only to settle at an A cup, now. I am an active person and workout a lot. I scheduled here before the holidays thinking it would be the best time to take some down time and then gear back up in January. I have found real self very helpful and wanted to help others make decisions too.

Day 1 Post Op

I am back home. Today I felt actually really steady and not as nervous as last week. I listened to "preparing for surgery" and another surgery relaxation track. my nurse called last night to ask if I had any last minute questions and suggested a bath and just realizing, I'm so glad she did! I slept well and my children did too!

I am wrapped in an Ace bandage - when I went originally for sizers - I likes the 425cc (even though in my mind that sounded huge) when I had gone back for 3D imaging and sizers again (without knowing) I ended up loving the 450's and 500's. I wanted a nipple incision but as you can see I have small aerolas. Dr. Litner said he would see what would fit and I trusted him and Liz to make the right decision, they hung my wish picture on the wall and put on my choice of song to relax to before I went under. I woke up and remember thinking I wish I could just sleep more. I was starving!! And my gluten free crackers I brought were not cutting it - I ended up eating 2 cups of jello (ha!) because I needed some sugar. Then felt good. Bandages can be taken off tomorrow when I shower and I can put on the supportive bra they gave me. They ended up being able to fit 500 cc's!!!

Day 1 post op

I am absolutely amazed there is no bruising! The swelling is everything i thought it'd be. My right armpit feels sore for some reason. I've been listening to my healing meditations. I feel surpringly good. The bandages actually got stuck to the glue and I had to leave a little paper on. My original concern was I went to big! (What was I thinking!! I'll never work out again!) but then I realized they are going to be just right after they settle. Phew...

Post Op day 3

Feeling pretty good today. I switched off the Percocet yesterday and started taking extra strength Tylenol. My full breast still feels like I'm engourged with milk. (I actually thought I'd see milk just trickling out in the shower like I use to when I was nursing- ha!)

A note about preparation

I am the type that over prepares for things, when I decide something it is set in my mind and I will make it happen. I prepped all kinds of meals, muffins, breads for my family. Made green juices etc.. But this morning when I was up with my two year old before the rest of the house realized I couldn't reach- coffee or tea. (Sigh) and when my husband left I realized I couldn't reach the chia I make in the morning. (????) I absolutely love this pillow set I got on overstock.com you can move the back to support you sitting or position it to support you laying down, slightly inverted. It's made for a cozy night sleep. I use another pillow under my head and two buckwheat filled pillows by my sides to let my arms rest.

Day 5

Noticeable drop going on! Definitely less inflamed. I tried on a sports bra I use to wear with padding when I was nursing and without the padding it looks great.

Day 5 feeling good

Maybe not worth it for type A mothers to young children?

I must say, tomorrow is a week and honestly, all the "help" I have had is pretty much gone. Just like I knew it would be. I don't know if I truthfully can go on not vaccuming, cleaning dishes, etc.. I get that it's monday, it's not the easiest of days. I'm sore from probably doing to much (not that you could tell!) just venting of course but I am looking forward to not fearing "messing up the new girls" with a sudden reach to close the blinds.

Day 6 beginning to see the drop?

My right breast started out smaller than my left (pre-op) and now appears to be smaller than my right - as my right breast is dropping faster. Hmm.. I saw a lot of my stomach bloat leave today, though some of it's still there. Going in tomorrow for my post-op appointment.

1 week post-op

I had my week post-op yesterday and my nurse removed my sutures (owie) she also showed me two massages to help my breast drop into their pockets. She said they look great and are progressing really well, after she massaged my right breast I swear it dropped! She told me my results are going to be beautiful.

1 week with bra

Day 10

Woke up feeling uncomfortable last night, most of it is in my right (armpit?) I think it's from just over doing it the past couple days with all the driving and running around with the kids. Started massaging and I've been noticing a little difference in feel:)

Day 19

Not much to update, still waiting for some of the glue to fall off. Looking forward to beginning to use the silicone on my scars. My right breast is still a little higher. Sometimes I still wake up in the night and I just want to rip off my bra and get comfy.

One month!

I went to see the dr. Yesterday and he was impressed with how my scars were healing. I have noticed a difference in feel- still harder than ideal! But I realize there is still time for them to get squishier. He approved me to begin running and underwire bras. Feeling out of shape and squishy every where else! Looking forward to getting back at it.

1 month with clothes

My measurement under the breast is 29 inches (so I wear a 34 inch band) and I measure 36 inches at the widest part of my breast - equaling a 7 inch difference. I'll be curious to see what my new cup size is. I feel like they are not as big as my breastfeeding breasts. But my husband keeps saying "oh they are Big - don't you worry" ha! Which makes me wonder if I can't really "see" them. I still feel they are a little boxy in shape and am nervous they won't look the way I have in my head. I think I wanted to hear from my surgeon. Oh just you wait until they fluff! But he seemed to think they were about the right placement and just to encourage them together and down gently with massage.

In the right place waiting for fluff

I am feeling pretty good right now with where my breasts are, I have been massaging about 5 times a day and have noticed a difference in feel! Now I wish I had started early *sigh* I am hoping they fluff there on the bottom so my nipple will appear higher. I definitely feel like I would love to have them a little bigger. But this was even a stretch to get in through a nipple incision -- so! There you have it this is my size, time to embrace it. (Hubby has been loving them)

7 weeks big changes!

The holidays have kept me busy and today was the first time I was able to take a pic, my breasts are noticeable softer and I think in the right place. (My right breast is still a little different than my left) but they feel good.

32 DDD

19 weeks (and pregnant)

Time has flown by, it went so slow in the beginning. I can barely see any scar (Periareolar). Even my midwife could not tell at first that I had my breasts augmented - even after I told her she could not spot the incision) my breasts feel very soft and very much like I've always had them. I think they look very natural.

19 weeks (bigger and better..)

I also wanted to add that my nurse had told me my breasts would come together more when the swelling went down. (And she was right!) it took awhile but they are sitting closer and looking bigger than the first couple months.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Thomas Litner. I had originally been looking online at before and after pictures and thought his looked really good. I was drawn to his website because it was well done. I feel that an aesthetic surgeon should have a good website!! I scheduled a consultation and met his wife and right hand nurse Liz. She was honest, funny, kind I liked her candor. I met with- Dr. Litner who was thorough and answered all the questions I had in my mind and addressed some things that I hadn't originally thought of. I really liked that he showed me what the "ideal" breast should look like- on every woman- the placement of the nipple and the fullness of the breast- a formula for success. I felt that his attention to detail and eye for what was aesthetically pleasing was what I was looking for. I scheduled as I left! I especially like that I can reach a nurse with every phone call I have made pre and post op- someone calls me back right away. All around a good experience.

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