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My insurance did approve my surgery. I wasnt too...

My insurance did approve my surgery. I wasnt too worried that they wouldnt because my nurse at my initial appt said i definitely needed it done. Anyway even if you are approved you still have to think about what your total out of pocket is. Mine is $3750. I only have $200 left. I have to do pet/cat scans every year since 2011 when i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. So my out of pocket has been met every year since. But for me even if i had to pay the whole thing i would becase i am a nursing assistant and my back hurts me every day to the point of tears. Just a thought i had.


What should i expect especially the first week ? Pain, energy level, dressing, the little every day things we take for granted. I was wondering if i needed someobe to stay with me. When you were able to wash hair and take shower. How much did they take off i weight and did you lose weight after you came home? Just thoughts running through my head.

2wks out and loving it

I am 2wks out. I went for second appt. yesterday. To be honest the worst thing for me was not taking a shower for 2wks and not being able really doing anything especially second week. I didn't come home with any drains. The first week they unwrapped me. And my nipples I had nipples grafting done so I had to had to apply Vaseline and a 4x4 twice a day. There is a lot of bruising on the left side. Some one right but nothing compared to left. It looks great. Went from a J to a C cup. Yesterday 2nd Dr. Visit. Everything continues to go great. He took tape off. I now apply Vaseline to those areas too. Next appt. In two weeks. A coworker had this done in the 90's. She said i would be peppier and it kicked in today.
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