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I had a scheduled surgery for a breast reduction...

I had a scheduled surgery for a breast reduction with Dr. Marcus Crawford. As with with any reasonable first time patient who is about to go under the knife, every surgeon should expect some anxiety and questions from their patients, but NO...I aske a few quenstions on the day of my pre op and called his office one time and spoke to the nurse for less than 5 mins asking general questions and what to expect. 4 days into the scheduled surgery, I get a call that my surgery has been cancelled due to my "high anxiety". I asked the called what she meant, and she says because I called the nurse to ask questions and also based on the questions I asked the doctor on my impending surgery. Note that I had already taken days off my work schedule in preparation of the surgery, filled my prescption and mentally ready. If you want a surgeon who you cannot ask questions, he is the one to go to! I had also heard a couple of bad reviews from 2 of his former patients, about how easy he will wash his hands on you if things go wrong....I chose not to believe them but Now I believe them. I am so glad I will not have me do this life altering procedure on me! did I mention he charged $600 to the insurance company and I paid $200 out of pocket JUST for consultation??
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