Student 22y/o, 3rd Time Trying BBL Now at CIRUMED - Spain

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When I was 20 I had gained weight a lot since the...

When I was 20 I had gained weight a lot since the age of 17/18..
Very big natural boobs with no waistline and NO ass..
I went to ABC Clinic in The Netherlands I only saw drastic results in the fatgrafting.. 500 CC's in each
cheek. He said he couldn't inject more because I had tight skin but I think he lied compared to other bbl reviews.

Second time I went to belgium for liposculpture and he injected 250CC's in each!
I am so tired of lazy doctors so I am heading to spain my surgery will be on the 18th of december!

I am sooo exited!

I am leaving wednesday and I will stay in the hote La Reserva. As I said this will be my third buttock surgery and I hope I'll get a drastic transformation this time :/

I am paying the surgery it in cash because I don't want to pay any extra taxes!
I seriously spend a lot on my ass lool because my boobs are soo huge they are real tho 75 CUP H!!
And my ass really needs to be much bigger than my boobs!

Feel free to contact me on here because I dont really have a lot of surgery sistas to talk to and I am very spontaneous to get to know new ppl or just comment around. Lift each other up nowadays!

soo I post some personal pics too :)

I arrived in Marbella

Ladies ladies ladies,

I arrived from Amsterdam to Marbella.
So much trouble at the airport.
My shuttle didnt came Blabla bla
Headache for hours since the plane landed.

But yea tomorrow consultatiob w Aslani and the day after love me some KIM K !

8 hours left orso for my 3rd BBL

I just had an consultation with dr. Aslani. i was nervouse and giggly I cant get rid of my puberty lol such a shame!!!!! But hey he is a nice man, I thought he'd be stiff but I put all my trust in him. Even one of his assistant has done the BBL by him and damn giiiiirl she looks bootaay liciouss! i can tell ya ????????????. I wish I turn out like a little Kardashian. Not that big I hope bc Kims booty looks like it can fall off every moment loool. I am the first patient tomorrow I will make as much pics for this review and yeah wish me luck ladiessssss. Omg omg omg what a booty can do to a girl

Oh lol did I mention I am tipsy yet?
My last bottle of wine I can sip for the upcoming weeks bruhh!

Sorry for this unpro review xD

Day 2 recovery w pics

Soo I feel like dying.
Its 8.20 pm
It took 2 days to get my mind back to earth. Neva again my last time forreal!
So after the surgery dr. Aslani came to me and showed a pic of my butt how it looks like. I only said "pretty.." He answered me like pretty???
He was like really bishh is tha all u can say after my hard work loool ????????????
I was soooo tired lool next thing I asked how many CC's? He said a littlebit over 1000ccs.

My hips are like kim kardashian and my waistline aswell. But it still very swolleb the results will take time. Tueaday my first massage and my second one on the day ill leave Wedn.

Day. 3

Day 3 pictures
You can see my hourglass shape more
Still a lot of pain sigh I wish it'll be over sooooon!!

I really wanna smoke

Day 3evenining I wanna smooooke!!!

Day 4

Still painfull.
But with 3painkillers of Ibuprofen it's ok. Tomorrow my first massage. I spoke to a woman from the UK she had her BBL one week before me. I saw her before my consultation. She said the massage is amazing!
So I can't wait. Because I really need a massage!!!!!
Made some pictures of u. I really wanted to try out a thong.

But my right buttock seems thicker than the left one. Smh. Well be patient lol

Time to go back.

Hi ladies. An update with pictures.
Yesterday I had a massage. My second massage should have been tomorrow but I am leaving today. The massage is awesome. But I thought he would massage my butt asswell and not only the lipo area's.


So I arrived.
I came home and I feel so much pain of traveling even. I think I really thought it was an easy job to do. Clearly not. Laying on my belly makes my back burn somehow. Very strange. Feels like I've been burned on my lipo area's. Made an before and after picture. Still swollen but here it is.


I am so swollen and so much bruising.
I wanna act sexy sighhhhhh
Cant this process be quick?

Scared of swolleness

Hey ladies.
I never had this before, the way how much my legs are swollen. It doesn't lokk that bad but I see a difference but the feeling is very uncomfortable.
Dr Aslani prepared me for this.
Never been pregnant but it looks similar to it I guess.


So I can't update my review on the RS APP. It keeps loading for days!!
It's been 11 days ago since I had my 3rd but first specialized BBL surgery.
I feel like I loose volume in my buttock, what I was afraid for. And I noticed that my right hip is thicker, I wish the other side was as thick..
I smoke a lot again, I hate my habbits... And I feel like I act like I force my body I sit too much on my bum!!! SO bad tho I sit waaay too much !! lawd no :(
and I want my belly to be flatter

Still not very satisfied...

First of all I wish everyone a happy, healthy, big booty new year!
I feel like talking to you ladies..
Some people might not noticed of my first update that this surgery was my 3rd BBL but this was a surgery with most results. Don't go to Holland, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Sweden to try a BBL!
BUT I hate it when I print out transformations of real self, and just booty wish pics and they say 'yes we can only make a better you' and those pictures are blablabla.. like wtf am I paying for?
But I won't say I am much happier with my body than I was before but .. for example I am obsessed with Princess93C on RS. I'll drop a pic of her on this update with a credit ofcours..

What would you do? Most girls understand my bubble butt dream, and most like it if its just a bit shaped and with a bit of volume. But hey I am latina hahaha we just love a bit extreme :P

I want to contact Cirumed how much it will be for a second round somewhere in 1-1-2017?
Because my stumach needs to rest from lipo, I feel so much thick scar tissue :(

I saw a review of a girl who did twice the BBL by Dr. Aslani but I wonder if the got a discount the second time.

My first BBL was €4,310 second €25,00 -+ third €5,930 makes it over 10K for a fine booty damn :/

Hard rehab

So I am trying not to smoke today.
Soo difficult. Never thought I would be
ADDICTED to it! Shame on me :(

Ps. Want a bigger but on (top and bottom. )

Butt fillers!!!!?!!! Anyone knows???


So I spoke to someone and she said she did a butt surgery with fillers. It used to be illegal in Eu. But she claims that since shortly its been approved.

Permanent butt fillers. Fakr fat typeish stuff. No macrolaine or pmma.

Can some one help mr find out what it is?


Hola chicas!
So most of y'all know me and know my bbl journey. I complained about volume loss and I have told that my bbl care isn't right I started smoking after a few days, drinked alcohol a bit and I sit a lot!! I still use the triangle but when I go outside I take it off and I wear the Ann Chery waistcincher size S.

I said I want more projection and I seem to be expecting drastic results. And I keep looking for more.

I guess that has to be something to do with my low self esteem. Because I have been bullied like all my life.
But thats another impact story to be told but has nothing to do with Big butts!!!! Hahaha.

Let me get my ass up and take some pictures for this update.


So I really want a second round bbl.
But Dr. Aslani's assistant gave me a discounted price: 3890 euro. (Spain)
But Dr. Fishers work is also bomb and extreme results. (Miami) over 5000 dollar. But far away from Holland. And idk if there are any cheap hotels/hostels? Miami is huge aswell.

What would u do?
Pls help me, comment me!!

I have to fix my hip and buttocks.

Even tho I wanted more volume
I still have to fix my left hip and butt its thicker than my left side.
My mom found out bout my bbl loool.
And she noticed the left side aswell sigh. I thought I had to wait for the final results but it isn't getting any better! The right side is still thicker.
And the bottom of my butt cheecks are not with volume at all! The top does though so I hope they can give me a good price for this fix

Updating my bbl with dr Aslani

Hola chicas y chicos tambien?!
Here a review it's been 35days ago when I had my bbl in Spain. I just came back from a holiday a week a ago I went to an Islan nearby Spain.
I didnt had any rest since my surgery. It was not the way I planned it at all.
One day before my holiday my mom found out about my bbl. Because of the bandaids and carr stuff left in my luggage of my bbl trip.

My back was soooo sore and sensitive these last weeks. And it still is. My butt didnt really hurt that bad but my back!
And one cheeck is so much bigger than my other cheeck.

I am really planning to fix this and I want more volume!

3/4 months after COMPLICATIONS

So I have two huge dark spots under my hip area with a lot of cellulite since 3weeks its gettin worse. It looks like the fat transplantation has fallen down and is not in the original place.

And my back is still very sore.
And I still have one bigger buttock... Smh
Spain Plastic Surgeon

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