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I'm an Asian girl who had silicone implant last...

I'm an Asian girl who had silicone implant last 2009 and had it removed this year 2012 as i accidentally bumped my nose on the wall while sleeping. I woke up with extreme pain and after sometime found my left nose leaking from the inside. The doctor advised me to remove it immediately but i wont allow as my family & new friends got used to it already. It's very depressing for me to accept the fact that I really need to remove it after 3 years because I gained confidence & most people are admiring me for the pretty looks. Last April 2012, i begged my doctor not to remove it so he just cleaned & re-position the silicone and put it back into my nose. But on July 2012, the suture opened when i had this severe colds and blew my nose with all the strength which causes my sutures to re-open by itself and leak again. The doctor forced me to remove the implant this Oct 2012. Now I'm back to my old look, having lower bridge & wider nose. I got used to longer bridge and defined nose tip as before but my doctor used gore-tex now which only enhances my bridge. I observed that my nose tip is somehow looses its skin & somehow hollow due to the 3-year silicone implant (it was stretched). Please advise me to gain my self-confidence again.. I want my 'silicone-look' as before but i find it very dangerous. Can I have Radiesse after this gore-tex healed to regain my nose tip? Thank you! -- SadLady143

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