Crooked Nose After Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty, Is It Normal? - Manila, PH

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I had my Septorhinoplasty surgery last June 10,...

I had my Septorhinoplasty surgery last June 10, 2013. Is it normal to have a crooked upper nose bridge 2 weeks after the surgery? (my nose was not crooked before the surgery) Or do i need to go back in the operationg room to have it done correctly? they harvested a cartilage from my left ear for the surgery to add height on my nose, they also reduct the alar base. From the side view, my nose look like very swollen and round bulbous tip, is it going to improve and will look alot better? Please answer my question great Doctors, Thank You!

26 Days Post-Operative :)

Hi! how are you doing guys? :) Today is the 26th Day after my surgery, i talked to my Doctor about my concern of my crooked nose and he said he would revise it under local anesthesia, i was scheduled last July 3, 2013 at 9am for the revision surgery, but here is the good news, when i got to the OR, he said he really doesn't want to open it again because the crooked nose is not a major problem but only a minor. The crooked part (upper nose bridge replaced with cartilage) was injected by anesthesia and other (i don't know what it was) and he adjusted it by pushing the cartilage multiple times (upper cartilage) to the left, and it feels like the cartilage they put on my nose bridge was my own nasal bone. (He said that is the difference of cartilage graft from silicone and other alien thingy, it looks and feels more natural) :) after the "massage" haha, tadah! His associate doctor took a picture of my nose and it was like magic, the nose bridge became straighter and really looks good than before (crooked bridge), then they placed a splint, it'll be removed after 10 Days :)
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