23 Years Old. In Dire Need of Scar Removing Treatment. Philippines, PH

My face is always been full of cystic acne...

My face is always been full of cystic acne resulting to deep scars even though I don't pick on them. I went to a professional Dermatologist for 2 years (almost $1,200 cost), making my face clear of acne. But the scars are still visible.

I've been seeing home use derma rolling for a time but this is the first time I will use it so that I can save costs. But the first time I did it, I think I did not maximize its use because I was so excited to use it. But I am planning to follow the instructional videos I found in the web.

I am planning to do this review for as long as I use derma roller so that I can review the progress of the treatment. I read on this site that I results will not be fast if you have deep scars.

I hope to do this every time I use the derma roller.
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