My Buccal Fat Removal Experience - Manhattan, NY

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Well it is now three days after I received my...

Well it is now three days after I received my Buccal Fat Removal surgery. So far I haven't had the best experience, I am EXTREMELY swollen on both sides of my cheeks and even a part of my lower right neck. I have been raking all the proper prescribed medications and doing RICE. Since the surgery I have been back to The doctors office everyday trying to figure put why I am having such a bad reaction and major swelling. They have ruled out infection and hematoma. Apparently there are is just a lot of blood in my cheeks right now, which my doctor told me my body should eventually be absorbed. I can't quite say right now if the surgery is worth it just because of my experience so far, but the doctor assures me I will have good results in the long run.

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