Lumps & Uneven Lips Botox-Juvederm - Manhattan, NY

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I have a small upper lip that is turning down. My...

I have a small upper lip that is turning down. My renowned dermatologist not MediSpa said I should do Botox around the top outer edge then Juvederm underneath (meat of the lip). I would end up w/ beautiful full lips ( botox to give a little upturn & Juv for fullness). Instead, my lip bruised on the R side on & above. The L side developed a large lump underneath my lip. I finally took a closer look & it was a huge lump of product. From what I had read online I just though It was swelling. After taking a closer look I could see bubbles of filler. Today one wk later I went back to the Derm. She said the filler spread but that's the only explanation I received. She injected a solution to dissolve the filler. I'm not sure what result I will be left with. I have to go back for more filler in the L side to even te lips out once the swelling goes down. After 4 shots & more bruising I'm nervous to receive more fuller. Any thoughts in what went wrong?
Total treatment
6 Botox injectsions along lip line
6 Juvederm injections in pillow of lip
4 injections to dissolve product
Bruises on lips & some added fullness

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