Laser brazilian - best kept secret! Never would go back to waxing - Manhattan, NY

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I first tried laser hair removal at a well...

I first tried laser hair removal at a well advertised and reputable place in NYC for my underarms. After six treatments, I'd say 90% has been removed. The remaining are very sporadic and fine - so not a problem. But I was a little concerned that each time I went, they used a different machine on me - sometimes laser, sometimes IPL. I'd say I'm 8 out of 10 in satisfaction. So when it came time to doing a Brazilian laser, I went with a different place that also had rave reviews. They only do laser (key!). Absolutely awesome. After just one treatment, I'd guess at least 60% was gone. The first time was painful (had to use numbing cream) but the 2nd time, I went without the cream and it was tolerable. I used to wax and had so many ingrowns that it became a source of stress for me. But with laser, it's gone and it's so clean & smooth. I LOVE it. I could not recommend it any more (for at least someone with hair and skin like mine - I am Asian with dark, coarse hair in the bikini and underarm areas). Worth every penny.

Romeo & Juliet

Don't go to Completely Bare. R&J really are experts. They specialize in laser only and it absolutely shows.

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