30 y/o, 5'6, 130 lbs tuberous breast correction

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Initially I did not plan to share my experience...

Initially I did not plan to share my experience with anyone. I'm a privateperson in much of my life, however, I'm also a physician assistant workingin Ob-Gyn where I am so privileged to help other women. I recently examineda patient with mild tuberous breasts who asked "do you see this a lot? Isthis normal?" At that moment, it occurred to me that if I share my story,it will let other women know that they are not alone in this. Of course,as a provider, I don't share personal things with patients but itencouraged me to post this review, instead.I was fortunate to have a milder case of tuberous breasts but, nonethelessit deterred me from buying swim suits or cute bras, wearing straplessdresses or any clothing where I couldn't wear a heavily padded bra.Another place that I've lucked out is in my romantic relationships. I'vehad two serious relationships, one lasting 8 years and another with someoneto whom I am now engaged. In these relationships I was never felt ashamedof my breasts.It made me feel good when I decided to get surgery that it was a decisionjust for me. I want to wear a bikini top without padding, and when I getmarried, I want to choose a dress that I love versus one that makes mybreasts look normal.For the majority of my adult life I've been in school and breasts were muchlower down on the list of priorities. But, when I graduated in May, I had asit down conversation with my parents, sister and boyfriend and told themhow much my breasts had affected me growing up. My mom was upset that Ididn't tell her sooner but I was embarrassed and didn't even know othergirls like me existed.It's not post op day 1 and even with all the swelling and bruising Icouldn't be happier with my decision. Not only am I happy with my breastsbut I'm so happy my mom and sister could be there with me, especially sincemy mom was so hurt that she was unaware of this deformity for the last 16years.Some may argue that this is very superficial and I won't refute that, butit feels great to have womanly shaped breasts.If you have tubey boobies, Dr. Kolker is THE man for the job if you'reconsidering corrective surgery.So, without further delay, here are my before pics and post op day 0 and 1.

Implant selection

I have 245 cc silicone gummy on the left and 255 on the right.

Excuse my typos!

I can't figure out how to edit reviews, and writing a cohesive and grammatically correct post while taking narcotic drugs is apparently not my specialty. So, please ignore the grammatical errors in my first post!

PO day 3

Already looking less swollen. Areolas still puffy and there's puckering around the incisions but these were all things I was told to expect.

I hate narcotic pain meds

Recovery is going really well. Post op day 0 was the worst for me primarily because of the intractable nausea/vomiting from the narcotic pain meds and also anesthesia/being a girl/breast surgery... All contributors to nausea/vomiting.

Additionally, I had a severe migraine headache with aura (haven't had one of those in over 2 years) so it was an all around crappy feeling.

Since then, it's gotten better and better everyday. Still crazy constipated from the opioids, even taking them as infrequently as I am. I don't really have an appetite so I'm drinking the low sugar version of ensure and of course, mom's chicken noodle soup when I feel more hungry.

A travel neck pillow has been my life saver. I sleep at a 45 degree angle (I didn't buy the wedge but wish I did) using several pillows to create that angle and then the neck pillow allows a place to rest your head when you nod off.

Overall, recovery has been smooth sailing. It's not pain free but that wasn't my expectation and now on post op day 4, narcotic pain meds are long by the wayside and Tylenol does the trick.

Looking forward to getting these drains pulled. The insertion site is probably the most tender area.


A shoelace around your neck holding the drains is a great way to secure them when you're able to shower. I also got some extra tegaderm from work in case it began to peel off of the drain exit sites. I think you can get tegaderm at the pharmacy but be extra extra careful not to pull your drains. Tegaderm is a super duper adhesive product and thus far the tegaderm placed during the surgery has remained intact so I haven't needed to use any.

My boobs look boss, jus' sayin'

I'm a week post op, drains pulled on Wednesday and didn't hurt even one bit! I feel so much better since having them removed and was able to start light exercise again yesterday.

I've gained 10 lbs since finishing grad school so I'm excited to get back in shape and get my energy levels back up.

My breasts look freakin' ah-mazing. Never in my life did I think they could look like this after being so deformed for 30 years.

I am SO glad I didn't commit to any of the plastic surgeons I've met with over the last 10 years. In my gut, I knew there had to be a better option than a standard breast augmentation. And also, having plastic surgeons tell me that the outcome would be variable, unsure if they'd drop into the lower pole and the possibility of the "double bubble".

Ladies, do NOT accept that! I know it's tempting. It's more affordable and you think that anything is better than tuberous breasts but that is so not true. A regular BA with tuberous breasts can produce a far worse result than the initial deformity.

Take your time, find the right surgeon, save your pennies for however long it takes and spend your money on the right person the first time.


I week post up pic.

3 weeks since surgery

They're dropping and I think the scars will heal nicely. It's only been 3 weeks so, still very much in the early stages. I have to admit that the areolas scared me a bit but I know that the appearance is normal for this stage. Follow up in a couple of weeks and will see what the doctor thinks about the progress. I've also heard that some women require revision of the areolas to make them more symmetrical. Have any of you required this? I was told by another surgeon that it's an in office, local anesthetic procedure that is sometimes necessary when a new areolar complex is created. I'll wait to see what my plastic surgeon says since, obvi he's the best. I mean, just look at that before pic, guys. I have a mole on the right boob, so glad it made the cut, but that's what it is if anyone is wondering.

They get better everyday

The scars and dimpling are improving and the left is finally catching up with the right in terms of dropping. I love them so far. I keep asking my fiancé if they're super small and he assures me that I should not go bigger and they're perfect. I wear a size 32DD or 34D depending on the brand and I'm a rather small person so why do they feel so darn small?? Lol I just bought my first push up bra because I felt like an extra boost for special occasions would be nice.


They have finally both dropped considerably and are looking pretty natural. They feel totally natural to me. Now just waiting for scars to heal which I know takes considerable time. I'm thrilled with the results. Was able to buy an absolutely gorgeous wedding gown in the style that I want without having to consider if a push-up bra or tons of padding could be accommodated. In fact, likely won't wear any bra or have any inserts added because I paid a lot of $$$ for this perfect set. I'm SO happy my beauty mark was retained considering how close it is to the areola. They look like my old boobs just way better.
New York Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Kolker because of his natural appearing results, attention to detail and crazy phenomenal training. Have you seen how many fellowships this doc has done?? I mean, wow. When I was in physician assistant school, I rotated through plastics for about 3 weeks and worked with some amazing doctors. But none of the results blew me away like Dr. Kolker's. The most critical part of my decision was finding a doctor who can confidently correct tuberous breast deformity and mask the pectus excavatum (depressed area of the sternum) that was visible on the right side. I consulted with several plastic surgeons since 2005 and never found one who had examples of tuberous breast correction. In fact, I was warned by one surgeon that I would likely have a "double bubble" which is essentially having a tuberous breast sitting atop an implant. No thanks. Aside from correction of the deformity, I wanted a natural, pretty, feminine look and I felt as if Dr. Kolker was reading my mind when he explained his vision. His operations are costlier than others but I couldn't be happier or more confident in my choice. Well worth every penny spent. Stephanie, the nurse practitioner is so personable, sweet and caring. I don't even remember falling asleep because she and I were too busy talking weddings! The anesthesiologist immediately put my mind at ease, he explained thoroughly what to expect and talked me through all the happenings in the OR. I woke up pain free. Jillian and Shea are always there to answer calls or emails as soon as they can. Jillian has personality for days and Shea is on top of her stuff like nobody's business. I can't say enough good thinks about my experience with Dr. Kolker's office and staff. You all are the best!

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