If You Have Minor Gum Recession and Trying to Close Up Spaces This Will Not Work.

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Plus $700 in additional lab fees to continue after...

plus $700 in additional lab fees to continue after after 1 year. Firstly, I had some minor gum recession on the bottom and one very slight crooked tooth (3 one from center that was so minimal you would never know). I was upset about the sudden spaces and my dentist suggested invisalign.

Now I am finishing off the invisalign, no spaces are closed in fact slightly worse. The slight crooked tooth is straightened but now on the other side is a slightly crooked tooth and my 2 bottom center teeth one is slightly shorter than the other one which never was since that one is pushed out suddenly. This is more noticeable and worse and I only have 2 aligner trays left. I wear my aligners all the time except for when I eat.

Not only did I waste my money but I am going back to the dentist next week for a cleaning to see what can be done now. I also want to see the actual pictures they took of my teeth before invisalign as I feel my teeth were straighter. Having one tooth in the center shorter than the other is the more obvious than have one slightly crooked tooth off to the side.

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not for invisalign for cleaning great.

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